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What is PermaTree

The vision in a nutshell is, to live a sustainable life in harmony with nature as self-sufficient as possible. With permaculture as a practical tool for self-supporting ecosystems to build and to promote biodiversity.

To understand the processes of nature and to act upon them. A community where you can come, share, learn and be inspired for a better sustainable life. We set impulses for future generations by researching and implementing sustainable lifestyles.

PermaTree Association

PermaTree is a non-profit education organization, organic tropical fruit farm and jungle reserve with a regenerative lifestyle research. With permaculture as a practical tool for self-supporting ecosystems to build and to promote biodiversity.

Who We Are

We are an independent global group of people with a strong dedication to the idea of living a more meaningful and resilient life. Do you want to become a member of the PermaTree team? Check out our story.

Where We Are

Visit us and have a look how our farm is growing. The nearest town from our Finca PermaTree is Los Encuentros. Which is in the cantón Yantzaza, province of Zamora Chinchipe. There are many ways to get to us, check out the details.


PermaTree is a place where people come together and create mutual enrichment. Participate as a volunteer and teach/learn from people who share their knowledge. Here we stress collaboration. We are about mutual enrichment and working together. There is no room for people who think they know everything.


You can be part of the development processes. Participate as a volunteer or learn from people who share there knowledge. On the other hand, we are always looking for mentors to teach the respective topics which match the specific sub-project. Or visit the farm to get a taste of permaculture in the green. However, there are also other ways how you can collaborate.


Recommend people who are interested in our project or like to cooperate with us. Or it might be even yourself! If it’s building up a seed bank, a school, like to teach english for local people or Spanish for Volunteers, we are always looking for alternative technique which makes fun and the possibility to bring in new ideas to the project. Or persons who like to stay longer, take care of volunteers, animals or helping building up, take over a role in management and so on.


You can support us from abroad in different kinds of ways. It doesn’t have to be money! But we will invest your money in planting trees. Growing up a beautiful reserve so last surviving wildlife can find a peaceful shelter at our place! And of course trees are necessary for our environment!