• Ambassador, PermaTree, Over Sea

We are looking for volunteer ambassadors from abroad – every country on the planet, to join our team. We need people who are friends and supporters of PermaTree, and who can be the face of the project their local communities and within their country of residence.

PermaTree Ambassador Role

  • As an Ambassador, your are helping to raise awareness. You will be the face of PermaTree in your community and country.
  • When future volunteer or local press have question you can help giving answer about the PermaTree project and the philosophy.
  • Ideally you are willing to visit us in future its always easier to explain if you have seen it with your own eyes.
  • Talk to people such as volunteers, from your country, and support them while planing a trip to Ecuador. Most of the needed information is on the website anyway. You know what they can expect at our farm, and what they need to bring with them. When in doubt just let us know or take us in copy.

You like to be ambassador for PermaTree? Let us know!

North America

South and North America


Ambassador, Fabian, Colombia
Fabian Ramirez
Fabian is a passionate literature teacher. His cultural interests, makes him a brilliant conversationalist. He can convert ideas into words! He is an active member on Couchsurfing and likes to meet people all over the world.

#Coffee triangle” Armenia, Colombia

United States

Amassador, USA Lida and Mikey
Lida and Mike
Lida is Ecuadorian and lives now with here husband in the USA. We spend one week at her sister’s place which is in Manabi, Olmedo. We found the place over Airbnb and spend a lovely time at their place and enjoyed the best traditional Ecuadorian food ever!

United States of America


Ambassador, Marcelo, Bolivia

Marcelo Castro
Marcelo knows a lot about culture, plants, animals and tourism. He does everything with his bike it’s his passion! He is an active member of the “Bicicultura” which has the motive to move people who use or wish to use bicycles within the city of Santa Cruz and Bolivia.

Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia
Phone: +591(7)4950375



Kwame Ofori is eco entrepreneur, and a philanthropist with a passionate commitment to helping empower youth and young innovators through education, leadership, social entrepreneurship and sustainable project development. He believes that good live means safe planet.

Ako foundation is a social entrepreneurship network that supports innovative young people and community-driven development efforts and promotes sustainable environment and food security. Ako invest in the extraordinary potentials of young people to develop strategies for sustainable future.