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Adaptive Contour Access Path (ACAP)

With the Adaptive Contour Access Path (ACAP) our focus is: Enabling improved manual access to the crops. Enhancing the soil quality with nitrogen fixing plants – Arachis Pintoi. Let the microorganisms do their magic with the soil – Vetiver Grass. Reducing erosion on a micro and macro level. Slowing down the water flow. Tropical rainfall […]

Water Systems

As holistic farm we focus on treating all resources efficiently. Even more Water. Did you know that water is vital for all known forms of life, even though it provides no calories or organic nutrients. Water is the one of the 4 elements (Earth, Water, Air, and Fire). Humans are born of water from our […]

Composting toilet

The PermaTree compost toilet system explained For our toilet system we do not use any water at all, because we have build a so called “compost toilet” which are water free. For most visitors at the farm, using a composting toilet is a first-time experience. This system which treats human waste by composting to produce a […]

Analyzing fruit & plant pest in unbalanced environment

The challenges of growing food in a tropical climate, in a unconventional region (mining) and on a area with more than 15 years of cattle farming history. Are that the existing environment is unbalanced. Consequently we face more than just a few plagues and pest. Which we believe is important sharing this challenging process with […]

Visual Status Update 2019

As you can see yourself from the photos below, the visible transformation is massive at the PermaTree operation. It is clearly visible how the Soursop fruit trees have successfully grown. Actually we have pruned them else they would be even grown taller. And of course the Bamboo which is the fastest growing plant on the […]

Basic rules of coexistence

Since we work with volunteers all over the world at PermaTree we have learned that its key to be as clear as possible with everything. Starting from the volunteer information pack to how to co-exist. And to not expect anything from anybody. In the best case we will be positively surprised else no big deal […]

First Giant Soursop (Annona muricata) fruits

As of the 25th of December 2018 we have had the first 60 Soursop fruits which are growing and starting to ripe now. When we first planted 100 different fruit trees, back in 2016, the soursop stood out because of its rocket like growth. Compared to the citrus fruit trees all of the Annona (Soursop, […]

Harvesting our first Pitahaya aka Yellow Dragon Fruit

Have you heard about the Dragon Fruit? If yes you absolutely need to try the yellow dragon fruit also locally called pitahaya in Ecuador. This is the sweetest one of the 3 different existing dragon fruits. Last week we have finally been able to harvest the first few cactus fruits ourselves at the farm. Naturally […]

Limpieza de bambú o adelgazamiento de culms

Acabamos de finalizar el adelanto o adelgazamiento de culms de nuestros 2 años plantados, más de 400 plantas de bambú. El bambú es una parte poco convencional de nuestro bosque tropical de alimentos en la granja PermaTree. La poda o el recorte del bambú se puede utilizar como un medio para fomentar un crecimiento aún […]

Bamboo clearing out or thinning of culms

We just finalized the clearing out or thinning of culms from our 2 years ago planted, over 400 bamboo plants. Bamboo is unconventional part of our tropical food forest at the PermaTree farm. Pruning or trimming back bamboo can be used as a means for encouraging even more rapid growth. The world record for the […]