Many supporters of the PermaTree project have been asking how the can support us here. And also what can be brought before arriving to finca PermaTree in Ecuador. And there are a few things which we can use very well here and which are not so easily available around here or in Ecuador. The easiest way of bringing something is when you visit us. The second best way is sending a package via snail mail.

Practical Donations for PermaTree:

  • Seeds (variety, non-GMO, double-check)
  • Old books (for reading corner)
  • Old clothes (only cotton and 100% wool – for repairing damaged ones)
  • Old tools/equipment you no longer need (woodwork, electric, etc)
  • Empty Can’s with taps (to store food)
  • Solar panels/lights DIY (illumination outside night)
  • Nuts (very expensive here, god energy food)