The PermaTree Holistic Gaia Association was established in May 2016 through the purchase of about +75 hectares (180 acres) at the edge of the great Amazonas Rainforest in Ecuador. You can see we have been more than busy around here…


1st November 2015 – We arrived in Esmeralda from Cali in Colombia, and started exploring Ecuador…

2016 – Two Thousand And Sixteen

21th March 2016 – 1st time exploring the to-be PermaTree property in Zamora Chinchipe

19th May 2016 – Signing the legal contract for the PermaTree property (60 days after the 2st visit)

22th May 2016 – Installing water catchment system high up (2km water pipes) in the mountain directly from the creek

27th May 2016 – Harvesting giant bamboo during the morning hours in good moon

31 May 2016 – Building the main access road, about 800 meters of distance

4th June 2017 – Installing 500m of electric cables from the road (currently solar is very expensive in EC)

10th June 2016 – Starting to build the natural Bamboo house

11th June 2016 – Transporting all of the harvested bamboo from the river to the finca

20th June 2016 – Planted 1st batch of 15 bananas (5x Ceda, 5x Plátano, 5x Maqueño)

29 June 2016 – Bamboo house structure with temporal roof build – no floor & walls yet

20th July, 2016 – We transplanted first batch of 500 vetiver tropical clump grass.

26th July 2016 – We “transplanted” our 1st plant nursery/greenhouse from El Pangui to the finca PermaTree.

27th July 2016 – Shipment with 1,000 fruit and bamboo plants arrived today.

30th July 2016 – The 145m fence on the national road: “Troncal Amazonico E45” was finalized

31th July 2016 – We moved full time to the finca – bamboo house had a roof & some temporal walls

7th September 2016 – Started building the 103-recycled-tire-stairs to the natural pond

9th September 2016 – All external house walls where build with double guadua bamboo layer

21th September 2016 – We received Pulga our new puppy dog from our neighbors

22th September 2016 – Our first volunteer “Nico” from the US arrived to help

25th September 2016 – Started building the recycled shower beer glass bottle wall

16th August 2016 – Transplanting 10’000 vetiver grass to improve soil and fight erosion

26th October 2016 – Improving the water catchment system with a big additional 2500L tank

11th November 2016 – The compost toilet is now almost finished surrounded by bamboo walls

1st December 2016 – Created a new structure for experimental vine-type of plants with bamboo

14th December 2016 – Opened an additional road access to the farm

25th December 2016 – Finalization of the natural swimming pond & water reserve

2017 – Two Thousand And Seventeen

16th January 2017 – Started the new bigger vegetable garden below the big shady guava tree

26th Januar 2017 – Final improvement of the stairs from the house to the shower/toilets

24th February 2017 – New chicken house was build

1st March 2017 – Started with the ground structure for the new volunteer bamboo cabin

20th March 2017 – Minga: Start of 6 days, planting 1’000 Guanabanas fruit plants on over 3 hectares of hill

26th March 2017 – Minga: Transplanting 50’000 vetiver grass to fight soil erosion and more

6th May 2017 – Beehives project started – painting the new wood boxes soon

9th May 2017 – Just finished the new volunteer bamboo cabin roof

13th May 2017 – Minga: Planting 50 new banana “ceda” type above the main bamboo house

16th May 2017 – Existing chicken house was moved and improved

17th May 2017 – Improving the existing kitchen functionalities

18th May 2017 – Discovered a producing chonta palm and harvested 1st peach palm

21th May 2017 – Improving the main farm entrance gate with name and roof

3rd June 2017 – 1st check on the Beehives. Population are growing. Almost no issues with ants or other insects.

15th July 2017 – Got back to the farm after Btina gave birth to Violetta 2 weeks ago in Cuenca.

22th July 2017 – Transplanted some Vetiver grass.

27th July – planted more Yellow Pitahaya Cactus aka dragon fruit.

Aug 2017 – Improving the fence with barb wire on one with of the farm about 150m

4th Sep 2017 – Transplanting 6x mature bamboo culms giant bamboo and bicolor

15th Sep 2017 – Planted a Pili Nut fruit tree (Canarium Ovatum)

22th Sep 2017 –  Harvesting our 2nd corn

23th Sep 2017 – Cleaned the area for “5in1” greenhouse, plant nursery, drying, fended area and compost area

29th Sep 2017 – We got 2 ducks for our pond

1st Oct 2017 – Improved the fencing of the chicken coop – wood had rooten…

2nd Oct 2017 – 2nd experiment planting 4x fresh Chaya sticks

5th Oct 2017 – Discovered about 600 Cacao Nacional 15y old fruit trees further up

6th Oct 2017 – Minga: planting – 25x Guineo ceda, 25x platanos

14th Oct 2017 – As of now we are Member of APEOSAE (Federación de Pequeños Exportadores Agropecuarios Orgánicos del Sur de la Amazonía Ecuatoriana)

21th Oct 2017 – Finalized the main farm entry with the name: Finca Yantza

24th Oct 2017 – Minga: Planting 300 Guayusa plants

8th Nov 2017 – Harvest first ripe “maqueño” banana from the 1st batch of x15 planted in June 2016!

13th Nov 2017 – Started preparing for own “BIOL” production on the farm. To have organic liquid fumigation to keep the leaf healthy of the fruit trees.

14th Nov 2017 – Transplanted batch of 200 vetiver grass

17th Nov 2017 – Experiment: poroto with guanabana some polyculture

20th Nov 2017 – For the Guanabana plantation we just installed new insect traps

25th Nov 2017 – Measuring and planning new “5in1” greenhouse, plant nursery, drying and compost area.

30th Nov 2017 – Opened an additional / final road access to the farm

2nd Dec 2017 – Got x3 Pili Nut (Canarium ovatum), x3 Nuez de artenton (Arthertonia diversifolia) and x15 del Snake fruit (Salak Bali) palm fruit plants

3rd Dec 2017 – Checking on the beehives which are having a hard time because of global warming

4th Dec 2017 – Got x40 new Dendrocalamus Asper aka Giant Bamboo plants

12th Dec 2017 – started planting new batch of x200 ceda banana

17th Dec 2017 – finalized our adobe oven for bread and pizza cooking

17th Dec 2017 – got 2 additional ducks so now we have 4 ducks in our pond 🙂

20th Dec 2017 – Mid construction of the bamboo structure for the new “5in1” greenhouse, plant nursery, drying and compost area

2018 – Two Thousand And Eighteen

… Finalizing the greenhouse part of the “5in1” project

27th January 2018 – Transplanting 3x giant bamboos aka dendrocalamus asper

4th January 2018 – 1st test fire with the brand new adobe oven

13th January 2018 – 1st jump in the natural pool of the year 2018 🙂

5th February 2018 – Planting Ginger and Curcuma

5th February 2018 – 1st batch of “mani forrajero” aka Arachis pintoi seeds.

9th February 2018 – 1st batch of liquid fertilizer aka biol making

16th February 2018 – 2nd batch of liquid fertilizer aka biol making

20th February 2018 – 1st use of the adobe oven to bake fresh bread

24th February 2018 – building the bamboo tables for the tree nursery within the “5in1” project

5th March 2018 – “5in1” project greenhouse & tree nursery structures are finalized now

9th March 2018 – Transplanting Vetiver grass within the Guanabana plantation for the access.

12th March 2018 – Building access path in the Guanabana plantation

14th March 2018 – Planting lots of pineapple – again – around the house

15th March 2018 – Building and improving many access paths from and to the main house

16th March 2018 – Massive improvement of the main water intake from the source

10th April 2018 – Cleaning 200m path around the creek and plant more bamboo

15th April 2018 – Cleaning and pruning the 2has of #cacao plantation

5th May 2018 – Transplanting new ground cover #ArachisPintoi

6th Sep 2018 – Transplanted more vetiver grass within the crop access path

7th Sep 2018 – Building more access path in the Guanabana plantation

21th Sep 2018 – Harvesting rice 1st time

1st Oct 2018 – Terracing of the 2has of cacao

2nd Oct 2018 – Experiment reproducing 40 giant bamboo with root hormones