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PermaTree is located at Kilometer 741.5 at the national road: “Troncal Amazónico (E45)” in the “Los Naranjos” neighborhood, “Los Encuentros” village, canton Yantzaza, province of Zamora Chinchpe, 68km northwest of the city of Zamora and 124km from the city of Loja on the “Troncal Amazonica (E45)” nacional road heading to “El Pangui” / “Gualaquiza”.

GPS coordinates of PermaTree:
Latitude -3.752755
Longitude -78.629883

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Get to PermaTree coming from the following cities:

Quito Airport

Most direct way is to fly in. From Quito to Loja (Catamayo Airport), 1 hour. From Loja take a taxi or a bus to Los Encuentros about 3 hour drive. Note: To get from Quito Airport (Mariscal Sucre International) in to the city of Quito, it takes minimum about 1 hour drive. Just in case if you are planning to stay in Quito or like to catch a bus.

Loja, 4h drive

From Loja to Los Encuentros which is a very small town. There is not a lot to see. So if you don’t know exactly, when you arrive, to Los Encuentros, you can also stop in Yantzaza, province of Zamora Chinchipe  which is a city (bigger town) like a 30 Minutes from our finca PermaTree away. You can stay at the “plaza”, main square or have a drink in Yantzaza. There are banks and all kind of shops. We mostly visit Yantzaza on Sunday for the big market, if you like to get picked up from us, in Yantzaza, it’s possible on Sunday in the morning until 9am. Or you can take a taxi from there directly to Los Encuentros, where we pick you up. Tell us in advance when you will be there. You probably can find a internet cafe to let us know! Sometimes they have free WIFI zone at the plazas but I am not sure about that in Yantzaza.

Cuenca, 6-8h drive

If you are coming from the other side Cuenca, which can take you about 6-8h Busdrive because of the nasty road! You can also drive directly to Los Encuentros or stop in El Pangui where our friend has a shop and they can let us know to pick you up in El Pangui, or you take a taxi to Los Encuentros as an idea. Her shop is directly on the other side of the bus station, sure, depending where the bus stops! Or ask for Doña Etelvina and the small shop “Comercial Lorenita”. Her shop is normally open until 9 P.M.

Let us anyway know in advance, minimum a week before, so we can arrange you’re pick up, generally in Los Encuentros, and talk you through a save travel.