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Growing seeds in sustainably with origami paper pot

Here is a sustainable Do It Yourself way to plant seeds in paper bags instead of plastic bags! We try to use as little plastic as possible and produce the less amount of plastic waste. This is why we have been trying to find smart ways to replace all the plastic “things” we are using […]

DIY Soap Making Natural From Scratch, Part 2

How to Make Lye out of Ashes Before discussing how to make lye, it is important to note that lye is very dangerous and extreme caution should be used when making or handling lye – whether commercial or homemade. Lye should never come in contact with aluminum, as it will react with the metal. Lye […]

DIY Soap Making Natural From Scratch, Part 1

Control of Your Ingredients If you make your own soap, you have direct control of what kind of ingredients you like to have in it! In today’s commercial soap, there are many chemicals used, which causes skin irritation or even cancer! Industries find their way through, to make even more profit out of a cheap, […]

Found a property in Ecuador!

After a literally long and intense exploration and research during more than 600 days (2 years)! Which we started in Paraguay back in 2014 and then went to Bolivia. From there to Colombia where we finally decided to explore Ecuador.   We are very proud and happy and thankful to announce that we finally found […]

Struggling With Parasites In Latin America

In Latin America, I continuously struggle with bacteria’s. While traveling now almost two years, I mostly struggled with amoebas – the bad ones! The thing is, here, the water is often contaminated mostly of cows poo or other fecal sources. Local people often told me, that the tap water is drinkable but in fact, it’s […]


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Welcome: Lobo and Oso

Yesterday we visited the “RESCATE ANIMAL CUENCA” A Non-Profit Organization located in the colonial center of ‪‎Cuenca‬. We now are proud daddies to two adopted local abandoned and rescued street dogs from Cuenca. Very long travel yesterday for the dogs and us from Cuenca to ‪El Pangui‬ but now the dogs are well and happy […]

Exploring with digital maps challenge

We have been exploring for over 2 years many properties in Latinamerica. The following have been the most reliable tools so far. Sometimes no Internet/3G (no coverage or too much demand). No GPS-Satellite (too many trees in the jungle). No Electricity to reload the batteries 🙂 It has been a real challenge to find good […]

The plant nursery

Arriving in El Pangui canton Zamora Chinchipe we have lost no time and started right away with a plant nursery (A nursery is a place where plants are propagated and grown to usable size). Our food forest plant-wish-list is growing (see the list below. Currently about 147 different names… Most of them are of course […]

Building our own house in the tropics

It’s time for us to start thinking about how we want to build our own house in the tropics. We did some extensive research during the last 2 years – but knowing where we are going to stay makes it a step easier.