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Announcement: Our very own Podcast at Permetree. The Permatree Podcast is build around the idea that a ideal world is build by organizations focusing on creating triple positive impact on a social, environmental and economical scale

Discover: A Threatened Environmental Jewel – off the beaten path: The Tropical Andes Biodiversity Hotspot. Post Extractivism. Beyond Sustainable

Permatree Superfoods will export plant based foods as added value SUPERFOODS directly grown, selected, transformed and packed – all with-in the productive territory – in Zamora-Chinchipe, located south east, Ecuador, Latin America. The fact that the entire operation will be in this space, will generate a real added value in this, off the beaten path, territory. For the people, planet, and also for profit. This is also known as the triple bottom line framework, to evaluate the performance in a broader perspective to create greater business value. Also known as triple impact social-enterprise.

Analyzing the triple impact of the ambitious Permatree Superfoods venture in the Amazon for the export of plant based superfoods

Our goal with Permatree Superfoods is to transform the productive territory in a regenerative way, generating social, environmental and economic impact with positive results. 2,000 direct beneficiaries and 50,000 indirect beneficiaries. 300% more direct income for our 400 small family farmers. Our motivation is to fight poverty with business means, capitalizing on the benefits and opportunities of a globalized world.

Updated Ambitious Food Processing Facilities of PERMATREE SUPERFOODS in Productive Territory with Triple-Impact: Social, Environmental and Economic

It will be the first certified and free-of-mining, fruit, seed and vegetable processing plant in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Social-Enterprise with triple impact: environmental, social, and economic productivity, in all its processes, agricultural, dehydration, processing and export of superfoods.

Our Impact – Permatree Superfoods

Our goal with Permatree Superfoods is to transform the productive territory in a regenerative way, creating social, environmental and economic impact. (1) Social A regenerative system includes the social well-being of human actors within it and in the broader landscape: rural farming families, collaborators, and their family. Providing safe and healthy work environments ensures that […]