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Another week at Finca PermaTree

It is the end of the week again, and we are sited down commemorating the success of the last seven days work. Photo Update: Video Update: 4×4 going down! What Did We Do? Brainstorming Ideas For Next Week Tire Recycling Project. (Saturday, 3rd December) With lots of plastic around the world being dumped on to […]

Project Update: Week (28 November – 4 December 2016)

”Progress lies not in enhancing what is, but in advancing toward what will be.” – Khalil Gibran It is the end of the week again, and we are sitted down commemorating the success of the last seven days work. What Did We Do? Repair The Water System Yesterday afternoon, a water pipe started leaking, and […]

Tropical Fruits of Ecuador

If you also embrace diversity and a healthy living then you might be interested into the so called tropical fruits or exotic fruits of this planet. Here in Ecuador the different micro-climates provide a fantastic environment for most of the tropical fruits, to grow very well. Our goal with finca PermaTree here within the amazon […]

August 2016

Time is flying by. Now it’s already again August. Exactly 2 years ago back in 2014 we left Zurich Switzerland with the plane to São Paulo in Brazil to officially start our exploration journey of latin America. First Paraguay then Bolivia after that Colombia and finally Ecuador. Much has happened since then. Even more happened now in […]

Bamboo cabana

The building chronology of the PermaTree bamboo cabana in the amazonas region of Ecuador in South America. Harvesting, Transporting, Planning, Building … All photos in chronological order: Harvesting bamboo during good moon – means during the 6th and 8th day after full moon, between 12pm and 6am = lowest starch content! Transporting – After the […]

PermaTree photo impressions

The amazing landscape view from PermaTree temporal HQ-cabana where we can see the Zamora river which later enters the great Amazonas river. One of the many waterfalls which we discovered within the PermaTree property more than 1 hour walk 🙂   The Chontaduro Palm tree (Bactris gasipaes) is endemic to the region of Zamora Chinchipe […]

Volunteer opportunity in Ecuador!

Take the chance and visit us! A Volunteer abroad opportunity at Finca PermaTree located in the South Ecuador between the Amazon basin and Andes mountain range. We’re just starting to build the house and the farm with Permaculture principles. Be involved within the very first steps, like building the main bamboo house and starting with […]