Tropical Permaculture (Permanent + Culture = Permaculture) A 10,000-year-old technology based on knowledge of our tribal ancestors. Syntropic Agriculture / Successional Agroforestry but on Steep Hill topography. Lots of Vetiver grass, Bamboo, Tropical Fruits, Ground Cover, Pioneer Plants, Enhancing Biodiversity and Topsoil.

Adaptive Contour Access Pat ACAP PermaTree SideView

Adaptive Contour Access Path (ACAP)

The Adaptive Contour Access Path (ACAP) approach to enable access and enhance polyculture crop production on a steep hill in a tropical humid climate. ACAP Agroforestry Enhancing Biodiversity. Bamboo, Vetiver grass and permanent producing tropical fruit trees, shrubs and herbs as well as endemic flowers. We have planted about 18 different plants – most of them for food production. Enhancing the microorganism and mycorrhiza of the soil.

Water Systems

As holistic farm we focus on treating all resources efficiently. Even more Water. Gravity Fed Water System at Finca Yantza. We collect water from small springs (1) high up in the property. Then the water is funneled in black water pipes to several tanks which break the water pressure into a big 5000L main tank (3) about 80 meters above the main house (4). From this main tank water pipes go to the different locations. Between the main house and the tank is the natural swimming pond (5) and backup water tank in case of drought.