Becoming a PermaTree resident

This contact form is for those who wish to become one of the PermaTree Resident, the people who will be moving to the property to live full-time. As with all pioneers, we are doing something nobody else has ever done, which is uniquely special. Are you willing to overcome the challenges?

We are seeking to attract other pioneering individuals spirits, people who want to co-create and are able to put up with some discomfort for the joy of making pioneer transformation work in a remote but accessible organized holistic operation such as PermaTree. Holistic driven entrepreneurs can enable a huge global positive transformation shift – local, regional, economic, social, emotional, flora, fauna, educational, health and wellness.

Are you maybe a visionary; individual with an entrepreneurial spirit who believes, like we do, that it’s time to transition from a destructive society to a sustainable world? Be the change you want to see and join us at PermaTree!

We at PermaTree believe that Collaboration outperforms Competition!

GUIDELINES FOR APPLICANTS (Please only apply if …)

  • You consider yourself accountable, responsible, and possessing applicable skills
  • Financially stable and self-sufficient
  • Drug and smoking free
  • Have above average health
  • If you are an applying couple, please do not collaborate when answering these questions. Each of us possesses our own beauty and insight. For the purposes of this form, we’d like to get a clear idea of who YOU are, where YOU are coming from, and where YOU want to go.

Please copy the questions below into an e-mail, type your answers IN A DIFFERENT COLOR THAN THE QUESTIONS so they stand out, and send your email to yago DOT veith AT gmail DOT com

Full Name (& Nickname if you prefer one):

Complete Address and TIMEZONE:
Primary Phone:
Alternate Phone:
Skype Name:
Social Media (LinkedIn, Instagram, Blog, Facebook, Twitter):
Age: Birthday (M/D/Yr):
Current Occupation and Role:
Marital Status: Children (include gender and age(s)):
Native Language and additional languages you speak:

  1. How did you hear about PermaTree?
  2. Are you applying to become a Resident at PermaTree, or are you interested in becoming a volunteer?
  3. Please indicate the date and/or dates of your availability
  4. If you intend to live at PermaTree, would you be coming alone or with a partner (all adults need to fill this out separately) or children?
  5. Please provide three references (name, phone, relationship)?
  6. A)
  7. B)
  8. C)
  9. We will be performing background checks on everyone before moving to the property in the amazonas of Ecuador. Do you consent to supplying the needed information for this necessary step?
  10. Please write 2-3 paragraphs about why you are interested in helping in the creation of PermaTree.
  11. Please describe the state of your health and well-being:
  12. a. Do you smoke? If so, how much?
  13. b. Please list any medications (prescription or otherwise) you take regularly:
  14. c. Please list any diagnosed medical conditions:
  15. d. Are you capable and willing to perform the following: (Answer with a yes or no and if no, please explain)
  16. Lifting 25 KGs?
  17. Walking up and down steep hills all day long?
  18. Using hand tools like a shovel, pickel, saw, power tools, etc.?
  19. Supervising children?
  20. Supervising volunteers?
  21. Cooking, cleaning and laundry?
  22. Helping to build homes?
  23. Helping to grow food?
  24. Tending Animals?
  25. What are your values, what is most important to you? List 12 things in order of importance, number 1 being most important.
  26. Is there anything you might need “imported” that PermaTree cannot produce locally? Are these items you would be able to provide for yourself?
  27. Would you be interested in the communal space provided by PermaTree or would you be bringing your own accommodations in the form of a Tent, Teepee, Yurt or build your own bamboo cabin/house?
  28. Please write 2-3 paragraphs about how you would apply these values within PermaTree towards the current socio-political, governmental, and environmental issues in the world?
  29. Please write a MINIMUM of 2-3 paragraphs about the skills, gifts and/or talents you bring to PermaTree including formal education, trade skills, artistic skills, musical talent, etc. Please be thorough.
  30. How would you rate your ability to research solutions, organize diverse information, and design and implement a working strategy?
  31. How do you see yourself contributing to where we are in our process right now? and/or who we are looking for?
  32. What are your long-term life goals? How do you see yourself contributing to our process of achieving our long-term goals?
  33. What motivates you? What types of incentives do you enjoy? Are you looking for compensation? If so, please describe
  34. Please describe any part of what we are creating that you don’t want to be a part of and why.
  35. Please describe your communication skills and experience, including strengths versus weaknesses.
  36. Could two people have opposing views on the same topic and both are right? Please explain.
  37. When a disagreement with someone arose, how have you traditionally handled it?
  38. Compare your thoughts on maintaining integrity when someone says you aren’t right and/or maintaining harmony?
  39. Describe any concerns you may have about living in PermaTree. If there are any aspects of the community you see as potentially problematic, what solutions would you propose?
  40. When you think about the world community, what are your thoughts about the ways in which we might become extinct and/or the ways in which we might thrive and prosper? Please discuss one or two examples.
  41. What comes to your mind when thinking about living in a community founded on necessity and/or one based on possibility/solution based thinking? Why?
  42. What is important to you about contributing to something greater than yourself? What do you see as your greatest contribution thus far to the world?
  43. Explain your feelings and behaviors regarding hard work, pragmatism, and accountability:
  44. PermaTree is founded on a social model of contribution and collaboration built specifically on a 40-hour contribution week. This week applies to EVERYONE and will consist of, but is definitely not limited to, the following tasks: Building structures, cooking, cleaning, blogging, production of educational products, child care, food production, laundry, operating heavy machinery, composting, talking with the county, talking with the media, website design, video editing, development and implementation of a new educational program, research and reporting on all aspects of the community, tending to animals (milking goats, collecting chicken eggs, etc.), food shopping, running the social and recreational model (live music, classes in: mindfulness, art, communication, music, and anything else we desire), and much more. Do you foresee any problems participating in ANY of these tasks and if so, why?
  45. Do you think it is important to be surrounded with people of a similar age and background, who think and act similarly, or with people with a diversity of ideas, views, and talents? Why?
  46. Explain the differences in impact that may occur for a diverse group of people creating PermaTree versus a group of similar people (age, ethnicity, lifestyle, background, profession, etc.)
  47. What is the most diverse environment(s) you have ever participated in? How have you stepped out of your personal “box” and experienced something completely different?
  48. Describe your ideal system of leadership and how do you fit into it?
  49. What do you feel comfortable with in terms of people making decisions for you and/or being a fair and equal part of the decision making process?
  50. What are your feelings about rules and guidelines in a community setting?
  51. What is your idea of how best to support personal freedom for yourself and others?
  52. What, if any, aspects of other people make you uncomfortable or unable to be yourself?
  53. Please answer and explain your answers to the following:
  54. Do you have any issues with other political views from your own?
  55. Do you have any issues or deep-seated beliefs regarding a specific gender or race?
  56. Do you have issues with allowing everyone to have their own spiritual beliefs?
  57. Do you have issues with open relationships or polyamory?
  58. Do you have any issues with LGBT?
  59. Do you have issues with the choice of nudity?
  60. What is your preferred method of feedback? How do you feel about honest and direct feedback and why?
  61. Share one of your biggest life learnings about honesty and integrity?
  62. How do YOU know when something is in integrity?
  63. What do you feel about being emotionally safe and/or keeping your heart open? How do you accomplish one, the other, or both currently?
  64. In 1-3 paragraphs please answer the following: What is ‘self love?’ What is your relationship with yourself like right now? Give an example of your ‘self-talk’, something you say to yourself about yourself? How do you feel about the words “I love you” in your life right now? How do you see love of self and/or love of others relating to building PermaTree?
  65. What do you think will be the most fun part of living in community for you?
  66. What do you think will be the least fun part of living in community for you?
  67. How do you feel about our open source model and strategy and why?
  68. Knowing we have specific goals to develop, diversify, and open source (free) share everything we create, is there anything you believe should NOT be shared freely with the world? If so, why?
  69. Do you understand and agree that everything you contribute to PermaTree will be used as part of our goals to endlessly open source and free-share everything we create with the world? Please explain your answer.
  70. List at least 3 specific skills you feel you could teach/share with other PermaTree residents that would help add to the environment we’ll be creating on the property (please be as detailed as needed):
  71. What does sustainability mean to you?
  72. When making decisions, what is your preferred approach to addressing short term, long-term, personal, communal, local and global impacts?
  73. What, if anything, are you doing in your life currently to live/become sustainable?
  74. Please name your most influential: Books (Title and Author Please), People, Movies and Life experience.
  75. On a scale of 1 to 10, what is your readiness to be a part of PermaTree? If it is less than 10, please describe the reasons you may not be ready:
  76. If accepted, what would stop you from moving to PermaTree?
  77. With your current exposure to the website, and having answered all these questions, do you feel you have a clear understanding of what PermaTree is all about and where we are going? If ‘no,’ what pieces could we provide more clarity on? Also please add anything else you would like to share or that we should know: