Volunteer Interest Form

This contact form is for industry consultants, trade skills specialists, technology providers, media outlets, and other organizations and/or individuals interested in creating a Win-Win relationship with PermaTree.org that does not involve residency.

The individuals who join our team as either volunteers typically fit one or more of the following descriptions – A individual:

  • Seeking to share experience and build their business (Entrepreneurs)
  • Wanting to live sustainably and change the world (Pioneers)
  • Looking to gain experience and share new skills (students, recent graduates, etc.)
  • A person seeking humanitarian and/or philanthropic contributions (world-change professionals)

Have you read the Volunteer Program Description page and the full Volunteer Information Pack ?

Once we receive your information, you will get an e-mail response from us within 48 hours. If you don’t, please send your information again and/or follow up using another contact option.