Analyzing the triple impact of the ambitious Permatree Superfoods venture in the Amazon for the export of plant based superfoods

Our goal with Permatree Superfoods is to transform the productive territory in a regenerative way, generating social, environmental and economic impact with positive results. 2,000 direct beneficiaries and 50,000 indirect beneficiaries. 300% more direct income for our 400 small family farmers. Our motivation is to fight poverty with business means, capitalizing on the benefits and opportunities of a globalized world.

The role of companies has changed a lot in recent times and more since Covid-19. It is known that the responsibility to be profitable and seek benefits solely for the owners and partners is no longer enough. On a global scale, it has become increasingly clear that the companies of today and tomorrow must have a triple impact: society, the economy and the environment.

Why is the triple impact relevant?

It is relevant when it comes to the positive results a company has for people and the planet.

The term “impact” is used as an investment criterion, as an investment policy and as a consequence of it. We have to consider the impact of our decisions on our employees, customers, suppliers, society and the environment. We are aware that everything is interconnected.

We speak of “triple impact” because the results have to do with:

  1. Social impact
  2. Economic impact
  3. Environmental impact

Focused on building comprehensive corporate sustainability so that PermaTree SuperFoods is resilient, sustainable and generates a real positive impact on society and the environment. The triple baseline allows setting not only economic but also environmental and social objectives to achieve ideal business performance.

Triple-impact of Permatree Superfoods

  1. SOCIAL-Impact
    1. 400 small farming families
    2. 2000 direct beneficiaries
    3. 50’000 indirect beneficiaries
    4. 75% of women operating
    5. 10% job offer for young people
    6. Education / Training
    7. Interaction-space / Exhibition space
      1. Local entrepreneurs
      2. Agricultural producers
      3. International clients
      4. Communities
      5. Experience tourism
      6. Art and culture
      7. Education
  2. Environmental-Impact
    1. 80’000 bamboo plants for reforestation on 400 family farms will absorb 5.586 t of CO2 annually
    2. 800 conservation of critical freshwater micro-basins
    3. 400 flora and fauna conservation areas for mega biodiversity
    4. 400 anaerobic bio-digesters to activate microorganisms in the soil
    5. 400 dry toilets
    6. Sustainable agriculture focused on polycultures with unique-origin micro-lot
  3. Economic-Impact
    1. 300% more direct income for small families that work the land with sustainable and regenerative agriculture
    2. Direct sources of work
    3. Youth Employment
    4. Foreign exchange earnings
    5. Dynamization of the local economy
    6. Added value of raw materials in productive territory
    7. International market opening

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Permatree Superfoods, works towards these UN Sustainable Development Goals:

Image: Permatree Superfoods, works towards these UN Sustainable Development Goals

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