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Our goal with Permatree Superfoods is to transform the productive territory in a regenerative way, creating social, environmental and economic impact.

(1) Social

A regenerative system includes the social well-being of human actors within it and in the broader landscape: rural farming families, collaborators, and their family. Providing safe and healthy work environments ensures that our collaborators are in optimal condition and more productive. Create a true economic value to not only survive, but live well from farm work. Far beyond “Fair Trade”. It is not logical, that in the value chain, the raw material producers (farmers) are the one that earn the least. This is a key issue of the current low industrial local and global food products quality.

(2) Environmental – Biodiversity and Water

Biodiversity provides us with key ecosystem services that allow us to naturally and sustainably improve production within the field.

Diversity of soil fauna: Healthy soils are alive with a diversity of organisms in it, a living ecosystem that sustains and sustains plant life.

Crop diversity: This refers to the collection of plants that we have chosen to be part of the regenerative tropical system.

Diversity of endemic flora and fauna species of the humid tropical climate: The conservation of the highest levels of biodiversity is achieved by maintaining a mosaic of different habitats, including forest slopes, river channels, wetlands and reservoirs within the limits of the farm.

Strengthen resilience to climate change: Conservation of water sources and micro-watersheds. Promote the regeneration of mega biodiversity to have crops more adaptable to climate change.

(3) Economic – Circular economy

With the circular economy model, waste can be reduced by up to 99%. Human beings are the only element in nature that generates garbage. The goal is a circular economy in which we have to close production cycles and maintain a constant flow of natural resources. With our holistic business model, we are creating a great change in the agro value chain and the industry that transforms it into added value. We promote the production of superfoods, beyond organic, in our humid tropical territory.

Dehydrated Bananas Ecuador Permatree Superfoods

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Permatree Superfoods (PTSF) addresses some of the most pressing global challenges, as expressed within the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including Gender Equality, Quality Education, Decent Work and Economic Growth, Conserving water resources, Supporting solutions for sustainable, resilient cities, improving resource efficiency, adapting to climate change, reducing health risks and stimulating innovation & Economic growth.

Permatree Superfoods – Beneficiaries

  1. Direct beneficiaries: 2000
    400 rural farming families selling raw material directly to PTSF. 40 Employees in the plant, show-room and administration. 40 (40 x 4 = 160) in the plant + 400 (400 x 4 = 1600) rural agricultural families + transport services, material inputs, food providers for the plant, municipality, parish government, banks and local savings cooperatives SRI national income tax, superintendency of banks and companies, certifying companies, Agrocalidad, ARCSA, MIPRO, ProEcuador and Senae.
  1. Indirect beneficiaries: 50,000 families
    The entire sector of the parish of the encounters, including the El Padmi neighborhood, impacted all the producer families in the provinces of Zamora-Chinchipe and Morona Santiago, which according to data from the MAG and INEC, there are approximately 50,000 agricultural producer families with basic needs dissatisfied.
  2. Youth job opportunities – boosting youth employment.
  3. Women with problems of domestic violence and single mothers.
  4. 1500 hectares of land that becomes productive beyond organic.
  5. BPA and Free Mining Certification for the 400 agricultural families with an emphasis on holistic certification.
  6. 200 bamboo plants, per family farm, for reforestation, water sources conservation and erosion control.
  7. 2000 kg, on average, of dehydrated bananas on a daily basis at PTSF.
  8. 400 biodigesters creating liquid-biol to improve the soils for the crops on the family farms.
  9. Creating spaces for holistic tourism.
  10. Creating flora and fauna conservation areas. Focused on the mega biodiversity of the unique local species on our planet.
  11. Creando alternativas y conocimiento de nutrición saludable. 
  12. Promoting the local and global circular economy. Increased income for raw material producers so that they truly generate profitable income for them. Thus generating knowledge.
  13. 400 agricultural families free of agrochemicals in Zamora Chinchipe and Morona Santiago, Ecuador
  14. Transparent company policy for all.
  15. Clear and precise communication with an educational approach.
  16. Independent Bio Entrepreneurship: FREE from Politics, Religion and Mining.
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