Updated Ambitious Food Processing Facilities of PERMATREE SUPERFOODS in Productive Territory with Triple-Impact: Social, Environmental and Economic

It will be the first certified and free-of-mining, fruit, seed and vegetable processing plant in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Social-Enterprise with triple impact: environmental,  social, and economic productivity, in all its processes, agricultural, dehydration, processing and export of superfoods.


Permatree Superfoods structure overview: Dark green: Transformation-plant | Orange: Coffee-shop and Showroom and Coworking sace | Lime Green: Administration Office

The PERMATRE SUPERFOODS food processing plant facilities consist of three key structures to transform the local raw material into value-added superfoods for export purposes, all on site. It does not exceed 0.6 hectares in total area and almost 2000 m2 of construction between the three buildings that facilitate the process flow. The dehydration-plant is the biggest with almost 1000 m2. The Showroom / coffee-shop has two floors. And the Administration-office is the smallest building.

3D Backview of the PERMATREE SUPERFOODS processing plant in Zamora-Chinchipe, Ecuador
3D Backview of the PERMATREE SUPERFOODS processing plant in Zamora-Chinchipe, Ecuador

Processing plant

The PERMATREE SUPERFOODS S.A facilities will consist in the first instance of a processing plant, a place where all the magic basically happens. Which will have 4 certified laboratories for physical, chemical, organoleptic and sensory analysis of the raw material and finished product. It will have a team of 16 specialists in each of the tasks assigned within the process flow. The plant will be certified with Good Manufacturing Practices (BPM) and also Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) in order to guarantee food safety, in a logical and objective way. To improve the processes, constant training will be carried out in order to improve the attitudes, knowledge and skills of the workers

The entire construction meets international standards for food processing and safety. The industrial fan extractors visible on the ceiling of the processing plant fulfill a very important function, which is to maintain a natural temperature and aeration within those of the processing plant.

Image: Public space - Showroom / Coffee-shop and co-working space at PERMATREE SUPERFOODS in Ecuador
Image: Public space – Showroom / Coffee-shop and co-working space at PERMATREE SUPERFOODS in Ecuador

Showroom / Coffee-Shop

The second structure is the showroom, located on the left side of the plant, where there will be a public space for the Permatree Café Tipikas gourmet coffee-shop, as well as the coworking space. Also for our workers, there will be a canteen and a room. Here we can find 4 people operating.

Administration / Office

And finally a structure for the administrative offices of PERMATREE SUPERFOODS S.A. with space for 8 specialized people to constantly enable and facilitate the entire process of transformation of raw material into superfoods by exporting.

Public and restricted areas

But if you want to visit us, you should know that not everything is publicly accessible. The processing plant being a food-safety-area, where the products will be manufactured, only specific people can enter it. Visitors will only be allowed to see the process flow from the second floor behind a plastic window. This to fully comply with the highest food safety standards.

Our administration offices will also be of non-public access, except for collaborators, clients. The showroom will be the public interaction area, where you can go to have a cup of coffee of the highest quality, prepared by a barista with various international extraction methods. And also see the exhibitions of our on-site value-added superfoods. On the second floor you will find the coworking space, where you can rent a table for an hour or a day, to carry out remote-work with Wi-Fi and be tasting the best coffee or Amazonas tees such as the Guayusa-tea or the normally hardly available Soursop-tea.

Image: Product packshots of the Superfoods for export from PERMATREE SUPERFOODS in Ecuador
Image: Product packshots of the Superfoods for export from PERMATREE SUPERFOODS in Ecuador

Superfoods for Export

Our main customers are located in European and North American countries. The product is aimed at anyone who lives an energetic life; that when being in the office or going out for a walk, he can enjoy such a rich and healthy food, and also with fruits that are not found on the continent. Leaving aside what the big screen sells us as natural and healthy, which seems to momentarily satisfy our needs to consume something, but unfortunately they can be harmful to our health. It is known that the pace of life of people is increasingly hectic and that the time dedicated to personal care and health is very reduced; what in the great majority of the occasions does not allow to maintain healthy eating habits.

For example – The banana contains vitamins, minerals and fructose. Fructose is of particular interest to athletes, as it is available in the body as a reserve and can be used when needed to provide new energy.

There are a wide variety of dehydrated fruit producing companies on the world market. However, the value proposition of PERMATREE SUPERFOODS S.A. It is to offer a product that is not only more nutritious, without any additives, but also to boost value of  working small producer families by paying them 300% more, than the local value, thus enhancing the sustainable agriculture and creating value in the productive territory.

Increasing the nutritional value of dehydrated plant based superfoods, without using any colorants or additives and truly incorporating small scale farming families into the production and value chain are the main objectives of PERMATREE SUPERFOODS S.A.

Dried fruits are an excellent option for leading a healthy lifestyle, allowing consumers to have natural and healthy products at their fingertips, convenient, quick and easy to consume, for any time and place.

The entire project should be complete and operational by spring 2022.

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