Welcome to the Permatree Podcast!

Very happy and pleased to be able to announce that we have successfully managed to start our very own Podcast at Permatree (https://Podcast.Permatree.org)
Directly from deep within the jungle of the amazonas basin in Ecuador.

What is a Podcast?

So for those of you who don’t know what a podcast is. Just think of a podcast as “Internet Radio On-Demand.” For younger generations today its just a something like Netflix, which is basically cinema on-demand.

Podcasting started as mostly an independent way for individuals to get their message out there and build a community of people with similar interests. Actually anybody with a computer and microphone can make a podcast since it is just recored audio that is distributed via the Internet. To listen to a podcast you just need a smartphone or a computer or nay other device which is connected to the internet and has the ability to play the audio or video podcast files.

Availability of the Permatree Podcast

Now our Permatree Podcast is available on Apple iTunes, Google Podcast, Spotify and Soundcloud as audio podcast and additionally via YouTube as video podcast. Because all the podcast interviews are made via Zoom video conferencing software. Its not perfect but it work quite nice to be frank. The content is mainly audio and video but there will always be some additional text information and website links for additional information in case of interest.

Topics of the Podcast

The Permatree Podcast is build around the idea that a ideal world is enhanced by organizations focusing on creating triple positive impact on a social, environmental and economical scale. Always focusing on Results not just ideas. When referring to results we mean not only talk but real results that have a real impact, not just in theory on paper, but in the real world. And focusing on Latin America. The podcast is bilingual English and Spanish. Depending on the podcast guest.

So far we have published 5 podcasts. Basically short interviews of other social-entrepreneurs in Ecuador and Peru focusing on creating a positive impact with their work. And yes most podcast interviews are in Spanish and so far only one is in English. More to come! Stay tuned, and thanks for reading

Latest Published Podcast

Podcast Video Playlist

We want to hear what content you want us to talk about in future

Depending on your favorite way to consume information you can check out the podcast on audio or video.
Please let us know if you would be interested in specific content in our future podcast at permatree.

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