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Cerveza de Café

Cerveza artesanal de cafe de microlote Colaboración NATEM y PERMATREE-CAFE-TIPIKAS Deliciosa CERVEZA DE CAFÉ EDICIÓN ESPECIAL exclusiva: Cerveza Natem Edición Limitada elaborada con café seleccionado micro lote de Imbana y Zumba en territorios de sur de Ecuador. Historia de la cerveza artesanal La cerveza es una de las bebidas más antiguas de la civilización. Según … MoreCerveza de cafe

Experiencia de Voluntariado: Primeras 3 semanas

Mi nombre es Rebeca Gaona, nací en el sur de Ecuador, en una ciudad llamada Loja. Hace casi tres años fui aceptada en la Universidad EARTH, en Costa Rica, para estudiar agronomía. Ahí aprendí muchas cosas, no solo sobre agronomía, aprendí sobre diferentes culturas, diferentes formas de pensar sobre lo que veo, es por eso … MoreExperiencia de voluntariado: primeras 3 semanas

Best Tropical Flowering Plants

So from a holistic perspective it makes sense to have flowers. The question is then obviously which flowers are endemic to our tropical climate (Excessive rain and sun) and which flowers have which uses. The more uses-cases a flower has, the better. Thats core permaculture philosophy. One uses-case was, is the flower edible – can […]

Permatree – Sustainable Living In Ecuador, With Educational Aspirations

In search of a sustainable way of life in harmony with nature, the two Swiss Citizens were interviewed by PonderingTime about their new life and their project PermaTree. PonderingTime Magazine Published on 12. January 2019 By Thomas Matterne – read the full article here PonderingTime Trilingual International Online Magazine with stories beyond mainstream PonderingTime.net (English), DenkZeit.net (German), […]

Retrospective 3 Years PermaTree

With PermaTree in Ecuador we kickstarted the project 19th of May 2016. Fast forward today 6th of April 2018 we have survived the first two years on site. Currently 3rd year. This has been similar to a start-up kind of lifestyle to be honest. Extremely interesting but also very very intense in all possible directions. We […]

Challenges – as first time Chicken Owners

Why Chickens? The main interest of having free-range chickens at our organic farm was, to have real and own organic eggs as food nutrition and the chicken dug for soil fertilizer. How to start? But as we were – without knowledge about raising chickens. It was a completely new experience. First, of course, we were […]

Struggling With Parasites In Latin America

In Latin America, I continuously struggle with bacteria’s. While traveling now almost two years, I mostly struggled with amoebas – the bad ones! The thing is, here, the water is often contaminated mostly of cows poo or other fecal sources. Local people often told me, that the tap water is drinkable but in fact, it’s […]

What’s Permaculture?

We have been asked so many times by family, friends and acquaintances what this so called “Permaculture” now means. A few had heard it has something to do with gardening. Or how to raise a flower bed … So we decided to explain it the most simple way via a video so it’s slightly easier […]

November 2015 status update

After exploring for almost 90 days Colombia it was time for us to move on. The retro perspective about Colombia will follow a little later for those who wish to read about our experiences and findings there. Now we started to explore Ecuador. Which is about 4 to 5 times the size of Switzerland (47000 […]

Social Tribes

Social Tribes – We believe that to live in balance with ecology, it is ALSO very important to live in balance with our fellow human beings. What’s good for the tribe is good for everyone. A tribe is a group of people connected to one another, connected to a leader, and connected to an idea. […]