Analyzing the triple impact of the ambitious Permatree Superfoods venture in the Amazon for the export of plant based superfoods

Our goal with Permatree Superfoods is to transform the productive territory in a regenerative way, generating social, environmental and economic impact with positive results. 2,000 direct beneficiaries and 50,000 indirect beneficiaries. 300% more direct income for our 400 small family farmers. Our motivation is to fight poverty with business means, capitalizing on the benefits and opportunities of a globalized world.

The role of companies has changed a lot in recent times and more since Covid-19. It is known that the responsibility to be profitable and seek benefits solely for the owners and partners is no longer enough. On a global scale, it has become increasingly clear that the companies of today and tomorrow must have a triple impact: society, the economy and the environment.

Why is the triple impact relevant?

It is relevant when it comes to the positive results a company has for people and the planet.

The term “impact” is used as an investment criterion, as an investment policy and as a consequence of it. We have to consider the impact of our decisions on our employees, customers, suppliers, society and the environment. We are aware that everything is interconnected.

We speak of “triple impact” because the results have to do with:

  1. Social impact
  2. Economic impact
  3. Environmental impact

Focused on building comprehensive corporate sustainability so that PermaTree SuperFoods is resilient, sustainable and generates a real positive impact on society and the environment. The triple baseline allows setting not only economic but also environmental and social objectives to achieve ideal business performance.

Triple-impact of Permatree Superfoods

  1. SOCIAL-Impact
    1. 400 small farming families
    2. 2000 direct beneficiaries
    3. 50’000 indirect beneficiaries
    4. 75% of women operating
    5. 10% job offer for young people
    6. Education / Training
    7. Interaction-space / Exhibition space
      1. Local entrepreneurs
      2. Agricultural producers
      3. International clients
      4. Communities
      5. Experience tourism
      6. Art and culture
      7. Education
  2. Environmental-Impact
    1. 80’000 bamboo plants for reforestation on 400 family farms will absorb 5.586 t of CO2 annually
    2. 800 conservation of critical freshwater micro-basins
    3. 400 flora and fauna conservation areas for mega biodiversity
    4. 400 anaerobic bio-digesters to activate microorganisms in the soil
    5. 400 dry toilets
    6. Sustainable agriculture focused on polycultures with unique-origin micro-lot
  3. Economic-Impact
    1. 300% more direct income for small families that work the land with sustainable and regenerative agriculture
    2. Direct sources of work
    3. Youth Employment
    4. Foreign exchange earnings
    5. Dynamization of the local economy
    6. Added value of raw materials in productive territory
    7. International market opening

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Permatree Superfoods, works towards these UN Sustainable Development Goals:

Image: Permatree Superfoods, works towards these UN Sustainable Development Goals

Updated Ambitious Food Processing Facilities of PERMATREE SUPERFOODS in Productive Territory with Triple-Impact: Social, Environmental and Economic

It will be the first certified and free-of-mining, fruit, seed and vegetable processing plant in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Social-Enterprise with triple impact: environmental,  social, and economic productivity, in all its processes, agricultural, dehydration, processing and export of superfoods.


Permatree Superfoods structure overview: Dark green: Transformation-plant | Orange: Coffee-shop and Showroom and Coworking sace | Lime Green: Administration Office

The PERMATRE SUPERFOODS food processing plant facilities consist of three key structures to transform the local raw material into value-added superfoods for export purposes, all on site. It does not exceed 0.6 hectares in total area and almost 2000 m2 of construction between the three buildings that facilitate the process flow. The dehydration-plant is the biggest with almost 1000 m2. The Showroom / coffee-shop has two floors. And the Administration-office is the smallest building.

3D Backview of the PERMATREE SUPERFOODS processing plant in Zamora-Chinchipe, Ecuador
3D Backview of the PERMATREE SUPERFOODS processing plant in Zamora-Chinchipe, Ecuador

Processing plant

The PERMATREE SUPERFOODS S.A facilities will consist in the first instance of a processing plant, a place where all the magic basically happens. Which will have 4 certified laboratories for physical, chemical, organoleptic and sensory analysis of the raw material and finished product. It will have a team of 16 specialists in each of the tasks assigned within the process flow. The plant will be certified with Good Manufacturing Practices (BPM) and also Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) in order to guarantee food safety, in a logical and objective way. To improve the processes, constant training will be carried out in order to improve the attitudes, knowledge and skills of the workers

The entire construction meets international standards for food processing and safety. The industrial fan extractors visible on the ceiling of the processing plant fulfill a very important function, which is to maintain a natural temperature and aeration within those of the processing plant.

Image: Public space - Showroom / Coffee-shop and co-working space at PERMATREE SUPERFOODS in Ecuador
Image: Public space – Showroom / Coffee-shop and co-working space at PERMATREE SUPERFOODS in Ecuador

Showroom / Coffee-Shop

The second structure is the showroom, located on the left side of the plant, where there will be a public space for the Permatree Café Tipikas gourmet coffee-shop, as well as the coworking space. Also for our workers, there will be a canteen and a room. Here we can find 4 people operating.

Administration / Office

And finally a structure for the administrative offices of PERMATREE SUPERFOODS S.A. with space for 8 specialized people to constantly enable and facilitate the entire process of transformation of raw material into superfoods by exporting.

Public and restricted areas

But if you want to visit us, you should know that not everything is publicly accessible. The processing plant being a food-safety-area, where the products will be manufactured, only specific people can enter it. Visitors will only be allowed to see the process flow from the second floor behind a plastic window. This to fully comply with the highest food safety standards.

Our administration offices will also be of non-public access, except for collaborators, clients. The showroom will be the public interaction area, where you can go to have a cup of coffee of the highest quality, prepared by a barista with various international extraction methods. And also see the exhibitions of our on-site value-added superfoods. On the second floor you will find the coworking space, where you can rent a table for an hour or a day, to carry out remote-work with Wi-Fi and be tasting the best coffee or Amazonas tees such as the Guayusa-tea or the normally hardly available Soursop-tea.

Image: Product packshots of the Superfoods for export from PERMATREE SUPERFOODS in Ecuador
Image: Product packshots of the Superfoods for export from PERMATREE SUPERFOODS in Ecuador

Superfoods for Export

Our main customers are located in European and North American countries. The product is aimed at anyone who lives an energetic life; that when being in the office or going out for a walk, he can enjoy such a rich and healthy food, and also with fruits that are not found on the continent. Leaving aside what the big screen sells us as natural and healthy, which seems to momentarily satisfy our needs to consume something, but unfortunately they can be harmful to our health. It is known that the pace of life of people is increasingly hectic and that the time dedicated to personal care and health is very reduced; what in the great majority of the occasions does not allow to maintain healthy eating habits.

For example – The banana contains vitamins, minerals and fructose. Fructose is of particular interest to athletes, as it is available in the body as a reserve and can be used when needed to provide new energy.

There are a wide variety of dehydrated fruit producing companies on the world market. However, the value proposition of PERMATREE SUPERFOODS S.A. It is to offer a product that is not only more nutritious, without any additives, but also to boost value of  working small producer families by paying them 300% more, than the local value, thus enhancing the sustainable agriculture and creating value in the productive territory.

Increasing the nutritional value of dehydrated plant based superfoods, without using any colorants or additives and truly incorporating small scale farming families into the production and value chain are the main objectives of PERMATREE SUPERFOODS S.A.

Dried fruits are an excellent option for leading a healthy lifestyle, allowing consumers to have natural and healthy products at their fingertips, convenient, quick and easy to consume, for any time and place.

The entire project should be complete and operational by spring 2022.

Permatree Superfoods project shows incredible progress and scale in new drone flyove

80 days since the start of construction activities for PTSF

Today Wednesday 16th September 2020 marks 80 days since the start of construction activities

Permatree Superfoods project shows incredible progress and scale in new drone flyover.

The latest drone flyover of Permatree Superfoods project shows some impressive progress, as the rapid construction technique is already producing two large buildings. In addition, in strict adherence to quality, the processing plant will have 4 certified laboratories for physical, chemical, organoleptic and sensory analysis of the raw material and finished product.

Permatree Superfoods project shows incredible progress and scale in new drone flyove
Drone photo of wednesday 16th September 2020 marks 80 days since the start of construction activities

It has been only a few weeks since we shared a Permatree Superfoods construction update, and a lot of progress has been made just in the last few weeks. The showroom structure received the roof. In the showroom there will be public space for the  gourmet coffee shop as well as the co-working space. For our employees there will be the canteen and staff room. 

3D visualization of the Permatree Superfoods transformation plant in Ecuador

Giving a very close look at the two structures

We have been working with concrete pillars and a light metal structure for the roof to accelerate construction of the Permatree Superfoods project.The construction meets international standards for food processing and safety. The visible industrial ventilator extractors on the roof fulfill a very important function, which is to maintain a natural temperature and aeration within those of the processing plant.

80 days since the start of construction activities of Permatree Superfoods in Ecuador

Permatree Superfoods Ecuador is planning to start production at the new transformation plant in June 2021. Once the construction is finalized and the equipment is installed and the plant will be certified BPM. And later the next certification which is HACCP. This will allow us to create truly superfoods, in Ecuador, at the internationally recognized best practice approach regarding all the processes from start till end.

Dehydrated Bananas Ecuador Permatree Superfoods

Our Impact – Permatree Superfoods

Permatree Superfoods Logo

Our goal with Permatree Superfoods is to transform the productive territory in a regenerative way, creating social, environmental and economic impact.

(1) Social

A regenerative system includes the social well-being of human actors within it and in the broader landscape: rural farming families, collaborators, and their family. Providing safe and healthy work environments ensures that our collaborators are in optimal condition and more productive. Create a true economic value to not only survive, but live well from farm work. Far beyond “Fair Trade”. It is not logical, that in the value chain, the raw material producers (farmers) are the one that earn the least. This is a key issue of the current low industrial local and global food products quality.

(2) Environmental – Biodiversity and Water

Biodiversity provides us with key ecosystem services that allow us to naturally and sustainably improve production within the field.

Diversity of soil fauna: Healthy soils are alive with a diversity of organisms in it, a living ecosystem that sustains and sustains plant life.

Crop diversity: This refers to the collection of plants that we have chosen to be part of the regenerative tropical system.

Diversity of endemic flora and fauna species of the humid tropical climate: The conservation of the highest levels of biodiversity is achieved by maintaining a mosaic of different habitats, including forest slopes, river channels, wetlands and reservoirs within the limits of the farm.

Strengthen resilience to climate change: Conservation of water sources and micro-watersheds. Promote the regeneration of mega biodiversity to have crops more adaptable to climate change.

(3) Economic – Circular economy

With the circular economy model, waste can be reduced by up to 99%. Human beings are the only element in nature that generates garbage. The goal is a circular economy in which we have to close production cycles and maintain a constant flow of natural resources. With our holistic business model, we are creating a great change in the agro value chain and the industry that transforms it into added value. We promote the production of superfoods, beyond organic, in our humid tropical territory.

Dehydrated Bananas Ecuador Permatree Superfoods

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Permatree Superfoods (PTSF) addresses some of the most pressing global challenges, as expressed within the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including Gender Equality, Quality Education, Decent Work and Economic Growth, Conserving water resources, Supporting solutions for sustainable, resilient cities, improving resource efficiency, adapting to climate change, reducing health risks and stimulating innovation & Economic growth.

Permatree Superfoods – Beneficiaries

  1. Direct beneficiaries: 2000
    400 rural farming families selling raw material directly to PTSF. 40 Employees in the plant, show-room and administration. 40 (40 x 4 = 160) in the plant + 400 (400 x 4 = 1600) rural agricultural families + transport services, material inputs, food providers for the plant, municipality, parish government, banks and local savings cooperatives SRI national income tax, superintendency of banks and companies, certifying companies, Agrocalidad, ARCSA, MIPRO, ProEcuador and Senae.
  1. Indirect beneficiaries: 50,000 families
    The entire sector of the parish of the encounters, including the El Padmi neighborhood, impacted all the producer families in the provinces of Zamora-Chinchipe and Morona Santiago, which according to data from the MAG and INEC, there are approximately 50,000 agricultural producer families with basic needs dissatisfied.
  2. Youth job opportunities – boosting youth employment.
  3. Women with problems of domestic violence and single mothers.
  4. 1500 hectares of land that becomes productive beyond organic.
  5. BPA and Free Mining Certification for the 400 agricultural families with an emphasis on holistic certification.
  6. 200 bamboo plants, per family farm, for reforestation, water sources conservation and erosion control.
  7. 2000 kg, on average, of dehydrated bananas on a daily basis at PTSF.
  8. 400 biodigesters creating liquid-biol to improve the soils for the crops on the family farms.
  9. Creating spaces for holistic tourism.
  10. Creating flora and fauna conservation areas. Focused on the mega biodiversity of the unique local species on our planet.
  11. Creando alternativas y conocimiento de nutrición saludable. 
  12. Promoting the local and global circular economy. Increased income for raw material producers so that they truly generate profitable income for them. Thus generating knowledge.
  13. 400 agricultural families free of agrochemicals in Zamora Chinchipe and Morona Santiago, Ecuador
  14. Transparent company policy for all.
  15. Clear and precise communication with an educational approach.
  16. Independent Bio Entrepreneurship: FREE from Politics, Religion and Mining.

Bamboo and Fauna

Bamboo offers many important resources to animals, including food (seeds, shoots, leaves, insects, etc.), and cover from enemies. There are two main properties that the bamboo provides that attract birds. Firstly, the shoots and leaves provide birds with good nesting material, while the plants themselves are an excellent source of cover, protecting the birds from predators and the weather elements. When you plant bamboo you enhance your local biodiversity.

More photos of bamboo and how it enhances biodiversity in especially fauna like birds and reptiles (snakes). Flickr photo album with wildlife birds in bamboo. Also you can check the iNaturalist profile to see all the identified species of the flora and fauna at Permatree Wildlife Conservation in Ecuador.

This region is one of the very few last remaining MEGA biodiversity hot spots of the planet earth because of its remote location and also its a natural wildlife corridor from the great amazon basin to the Andes Mountains range for the remaining wildlife.

Identified Wildlife on Bamboo at Permatree in Ecuador

Permatree Superfoods Presentation

Our operation of regeneration within the production territory with Permatree Superfoods is advancing despite the global challenging situation with COVID19 and the global warming… The last PTSF blog update was in back March 2020 and now its all-ready 13th of July 2020, time flies. As of today we have created our presentation material where you can get a much better understanding of what, why and of course how we are going to do it.

Just in case you have forgotten what PTSF is about. Our mission is to create added value superfoods from: dehydrated seda banana and orito banana, turmeric powder, coffee, raw-chocolate, soursop and guayusa leaf teas. 

Because we are working this on a holistic level it seems slightly more complex at the beginning to understand how we are enhancing the entire horizontal value chain. From the seeds to the transformed added value – superfoods.

In case you want to stay up-to-date on a daily basis you can follow our twitter or instagram too.

Plant Construction Status

In the meantime the construction of the transformation plant for tropical fruits, seeds and vegetables is also well visible from the bird view as you can see yourself. The area itself is not greater than 0.66 hectare in size. But the location is perfect on the main nacional road *Troncal Amazonico E45* connecting us to Loja or Cuenca and from there to Guayaquil or Quito. This drone footage was taken about 1 month ago. Our construction team has been working now since 27 days and its challenging of course with the tropical climate but the transformation is well visible. We are on schedule. Currently we are working 22 day shifts.

Business opportunities – Trade Shows

Due to the COVID19 situation all the existing trade shows have been canceled and some have been reactivated virtually. We have been able to all-ready present the PERMATREE SUPERFOODS innovation at the ECUADOR FOOD FAIR – I Virtual Edition 2020. The first Interactive Food Fair of Ecuador organized by ProEcuador and Fedexpor. Tomorrow the 14 of July we will be present at the #ExpoVirtualAlemania organized by all the latam German Chambers of Commerce Abroad (AHKs) – which are promoting international trade.

The Presentation

Now the information has been prepared for you in various media channels. According to the latest research video content engages most. So below you will find a striped down video version of about 2 minutes for all of you who have no time to waste and are in a hurry.


2 min video duration

YouTube – Permatree Superfoods Presentation (2 min)

Now personally Im not really a big fan of videos … because most of the youtube-videos now a days are just way to long and not really relevant information. So I prefer a slideshow. Below is our 33 page slideshow in English language. There is also a powerpoint-version but with 45MB it’s just way too heavy in data size.


6 min text read

SlideShare slideshow of Permatree Superfoods (33 pages)

And well for those few who do like to read articles here comes the content as classic article with text and lots of images with more text :-).


Holistic + Regenerative + Transparent

PERMATREE SUPERFOODS = Holistic + Regenerative + Transparent
website: | Email and Tel only visible in the image


While the planet earth and our bodies fall victim to destruction, we find hope and solutions in regeneration. Through our holistic business model that values the interconnectedness of all things, and with more than just organic farming methods, we envision a better and brighter future for all living things. It starts here in the Amazon, with a gift from the planet itself – nature’s Superfoods.


The Superfoods: Dehydrated bananas, Ginger, Turmeric, Soursop-Tea, Guayusa-Tea, Raw-chocolate and Coffee
The Superfoods: Dehydrated bananas, Ginger, Turmeric, Soursop-Tea, Guayusa-Tea, Raw-chocolate and Coffee

We have chosen to start with superfoods which we have been consuming ourselves that are rich in nutrients and enhance our health. Also of which we know that they grow well in our mostly extreme tropical humid micro-climate at the edge of the amazon basin in Ecuador.



SUPERFOODS TO THE RESCUE - Its Time to Fix A Very Broken System

Its Time to Fix A Very Broken System


  • Holistic – We care for everything and everyone along the entire production process.
  • Ethical – We make conscientious choices in all we do.
  • Altruistic – Creating a better quality life for everyone is part of our business model.
  • Regenerative – Beyond sustainable, we’re healing and transforming territories.
  • Transparent – 100% trust because we’re super proud of everything we’re doing.

Three Guys With a Vision, and On a Mission.

PermaTree SuperFoods is a independent startup, based in the Amazon basin of  Ecuador, founded by three visionary entrepreneurs sick and tired of the outdated agriculture-to-market system that oppresses the family farmer and lies to the consumers. We think everyone deserves better – those who are producing food, those who are eating it, as well as the many creatures and lands  that are silently affected in the process of exploitive, conventional systems.

We want to be the most conscientious, ethical, and empowering company to cultivate nutritious, health enhancing, Superfoods from the Amazon through transparent processes and regenerative agriculture. We want our holistic business model to be the force behind territorial transformation that creates thriving social, economic, and environmental situations for all. We believe we can reverse the damage, enhance the soil with flora and fauna
to bring back a natural equilibrium, and cultivate a brighter future.

Meet The Guys

Permatree Superfood’s Founders


Walter Villacis, CEO
Experience in socio-organizational federations small producers and public / private companies in Ecuador. Focused on the standard- ization of value-added processes with organic certification, commercialization and export.
Linkedin : Walter Villacis

Jago Jan Veith, COO
Experience in SMB, Fortune 500 and mHealth startup. Focusing on innovation in e-commerce, marketing and communication. Passion: regenerative disruption by applying innovation processes to create a better world in the future.
Linkedin : Jago Jan Veith

Danny Carrillo, DPR
Experience in entrepreneurship and family businesses in the agriculture industry and public companies / private SMEs in Ecuador. Focused on coordination between ministries, organizations and producers related to productive value-added systems in the territory.
Linkedin : Danny Carrillo

Our Company Timeline

Our Company Timeline
PERMATREE SUPERFOODS S.A., was created on November 6, 2019, as recorded in the commercial register of the Canton Yantzaza in Ecuador under registration number 45, repertoire 1544 of the Companies register.


Birdview of PermaTree Superfoods and the Finca Yantza

Our Interconnected System

Everything Within The Territory


We grow our own raw ingredients on our farm, as well as work with 400+ family farmers who use our systematic regenerative farming model. This allows us to know exactly what we are producing from it’s very start and to empower other locals to better their farming methods,territory, lifestyle, and economy


Because we handle every step of the process on site, we harvest at the idea moment as we don’t have to worry about lenghty transport and storage logistics. This allows us to use higher quality ingredients at their freshest point and have direct insight to how our crops and orchards are doing


We own and operate our own processing plant on site where we use processes that maintain the purity and nutrition of our raw ingredients so we can provide  REAL Superfoods that maintain their health benefits – something our competitors are not doing.


We pack on site too. We use minimal packaging that preserves the integrity and freshness of our products. All products are marked with a QR code that when scanned, link to videos related to each specific product providing more detailed information.


Directly from the same location, we ship out our products nationally and export internationally. From start to finish, we handle the entire production process of our Superfoods.

The highest quality Superfoods from the Amazon; grown in micro-lots, from a unique single origen, minimally processed, packaged to preserve freshness, and shipped directly to you.

Behind The Scenes of our Raw Cacao Chocolate

Behind The Scenesof our Raw Cacao Chocolate

Transformation of Territory & Healthier Living For All

We integrate regenerative ideas into everything we do,
from the seeds we grow to the cells in your body.

Our farming and production process is regenerating healthy environments, economies, and communities.

  • Regenerative and organic farming methods create healthy ecosystems allowing biodiversity to thrive.
  • Keeping the entire production process on-site, creates more jobs and new business opportunities for locals.
  • Organic farming jobs allows locals to choose a healthier industry to support – versus the common destructive mining industry.
  • More family farms means more families can stay together, creating a healthier lifestyle.

We produce superfoods that are delicious and nutritious that support the regeneration of cells in your body.

  • Our farming methods are 100% clean and natural, without the use of agrochemicals, zero pesticides, zero herbicides and zero chemical fertilizers
  • We don’t add sugar nor ANY preservatives during our food  processing, which means nothing harmful for your body.
  • We use processing methods that preserve the nutrition of these Superfoods so that your can enjoy the full health benefit of each one.


Strategic Goals

Our five strategic objectives and development strategies in the region are:

Transform territory to enhance environment, economy, and society. To work across the value chain in a transparent way with direct and indirect actors. Focus on the beneficial properties of health and well-being.

Develop the production of raw material in collaboration with 400 family farmers with a focus on micro-lots of single origin from the southern territories of the Ecuadorian Amazon.

Rescue and restore the local multicultural identity, focusing on gastronomy, history, culture and ancient medicine.

To go beyond just organic with our vertically intergrated, interconnected, and holistic system, and regenerative agriculture model. No agrochemicals: zero pesticides, zero herbicides and zero chemical fertilizers.

Total transparency to build trust with skeptical consumers. Communicate clearly and precisely to educate, inform, and inspire consumers and buyers.

5 Hemispheric Programs

  1. Bioeconomy and Productive Development.
  2. Territorial Development and Family Farming.
  3. International Trade and Regional Integration.
  4. Climate Change, Natural Resources, and Productive Risk Management.
  5. Agricultural Health, Safety and Food Quality.
  • Gender and Youth
  • Innovation and Technology

Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Goals
Our business model satisfies all 17 United Nation’s SDGs.
Take a moment to enjoy our view...
Take a moment to enjoy our view…

Principles of Administrative Management

We operate with well organized, professional administration and management.
We operate with well organized, professional administration and management.

Organizational Flowchart

Organizational Flowchart
Organizational Flowchart

Legal Permits and Accreditation

Legal Permits and Accreditation
Legal Permits and Accreditation

Certifications and Quality Seals

Certifications and Quality Seals
Certifications and Quality Seals

Monthly Production Capacity

Monthly Production Capacity
Monthly Production Capacity

Our Unique Products SUPERFOODS Straight From The Amazon

BANANITOS - Dehydrated banana slice, dice
BANANITOS – Dehydrated banana slice, dice


Amazing Antioxidant & Anti-Inflammatory Powder



Dynamic DNA Damage Prevention Powder


Soursop Tea

Soursop Tea (Annona muricata)
Soursop Tea (Annona muricata)
From The Amazon Straight to Your Cup
From The Amazon Straight to Your Cup

Guayusa Tea

Guayusa Tea - contain L-theanine, theobromine and caffeine
Guayusa Tea – contains L-theanine, theobromine and caffeine

Raw Chocolate

Raw Chocolate (Theobroma cacao)
Raw Chocolate (Theobroma cacao)


Coffee – Mood & Brain Boosting

Progress to Date Status – Permatree Superfoods S.A.

We’re almost 6 month through the Permatree-Superfoods startup objectives plan we started working on in October of 2020. Here’s how things are going…

As some of you might know plans are rarely, if ever, set in stone. The best plans are fluid and adapt to results and feedback throughout the process. A plan shouldn’t be evaluated black and white – ideally it should be reviewed and adjusted frequently to make sure you’re going in the right direction. I think is a good milestone to step back and reflect on our big-picture startup progress. We are sharing this publicly because we believe that it’ll be valuable to other businesses working to execute on their own plans.


PermaTree is a independent umbrella organization for connected operations. Permatree Superfoods S.A. operation transforms tropical fruits, vegetables and seeds from southern territories of the Amazon in Ecuador. We believe in a totally transparent process from seed to the superfoods you eat.


More than just organic. Unique Origin. Micro-Lots. The whole process is done locally so all the added value is created in territory. And doing so we can make it fully transparent for the consumer. By working with small farms that agree to our way of working with the land, we know exactly how our products are grown. Their fruits and vegetables are transformed and packaged here, at our own plant. We communicate clearly and precisely about all aspects of our products to help our final consumers make an educated decision at the time of purchase of the superfood.


Three visionary entrepreneurs (Walter, Danny and Jago) from Switzerland and Ecuador, living at Finca Yantza in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Together we have x-years of international experience in organic, holistic production, transparency, process standardization, socio-organizational work, entrepreneurship, export, e-commerce, communication and digital marketing. We have been inspired in the creation of PermaTree Superfoods in Sept 2019 because of the need of real income for the producing families in territories of the southern Ecuadorian Amazon. And the lack of transparency of “organic’ products in first world markets.


To be an innovative and disruptive company that produces added value superfoods of the highest quality directly from within the territory.


We create added value superfoods from: dehydrated seda banana and orito banana, turmeric powder, soursop and guayusa leaf teas.


Transformation of territory. Social, environmental and economic enhancing. Work throughout the value chain with transparency with direct and indirect actors. Focused on the beneficial properties for the health and well-being of the organism. Rescuing the local multicultural identity. Focusing on the regeneration of mega biodiversity. Focused on promoting the production of the raw material with 400 producing families. Focused on micro lots of unique origin from the southern territories of the Ecuadorian Amazon. We go beyond the organic. Totally transparent process from seed to value-added superfoods. Without agrochemicals: zero pesticides, zero herbicides and zero chemical fertilizers. Communicating clearly and precisely to help final consumers, to make an educated decision at the time of the purchase of the superfood.


30.10.2019 – SENESCYT (Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation) launched the INNOVACyT-2019 competition call where we applied
05.11.2019 – Permatree Superfoods S.A. Registration at Superintendence of Companies
25.11.2019 – Obtain Unique Registry of Taxpayers (RUC) for company
26.11.2019 – Create 1st company Bank account JEP
06.01.2020 – Studies (water, soil, earth and topographic)

07.01.2020 – Create plans for: Architectural, Hydro sanitary, Civil structural

08.01.2020 – Create process for transformation of added value products
09.01.2020 – Obtain ARSA (Agencia de Regulación Sanitaria) operating permit
11.01.2020 – Obtain the MIPRO (Ministerio de Industrias) categorization & municipal patent
13.01.2020 – SENADI – Registration of the brand at Patent and Trademark Office
17.01.2020 – Company land 0.6673has registration
20.01.2020 – Obtain the comercial land use certificate from the municipality of Yantzaza
21.01.2020 – Obtain risk management certificate
21.02.2020 – Process flow of operational processing plant and processing plans
24.01.2020 – Obtain environmental resolution and registration
01.02.2020 – Website Multi Language and Subdomain

05.02.2020 – Create 2nd company Bank account BAN ECUADOR
12.02.2020 – Applied at Food For Good 2020 competition by FAMAE with our start-up
17.02.2020 – Create plans for Electrical study for construction
02.03.2020 – Create plans for fire prevention for construction
04.03.2020 – Create 3rd company Bank account BANCO DE LOJA
05.03.2020 – Final building permit from the municipality of Yantzaza

07.03.2020 – Product packaging design prototype
07.03.2020 – Topographers marking building structures and road access on the lot of land
11.03.2020 – Placing road signs on the construction site


Publication of the article – Disruption of the food system – December 10, 2018. First meeting 15.06.2019 and second meeting 22.06.2019 at finca Yantza regarding collaboration for the creation of PermaTree Superfoods S.A. 12.07.2010 started collaboration with PermaTree Cafe Tipikas in Zamora. End of January 2020 we temporarily closed PermaTree Cafe Tipikas to focus 100% on the creation of PermaTree SuperFoods. Our objective is to reopen PermaTree Cafe Tipikas as soon as we go public with PermaTree SuperFoods most likely in Aug – Sep 2020.


The review process duration slightly exceeded our initial expectations… The GAD of Yantzaza is required by law to enforce numerous Federal, State and local construction and development regulations to insure that our project is safe and is an asset to the community. After our building permit application was submitted at the municipality of Yantzaza started reviewing our plans. The review process involved several departments of the municipality. The building compliance, plumbing, mechanical, electrical, disabled access compliance, building codes and water control regulations and such.

The Fire Department (Bomberos) checked for compliance with national fire safety requirements. The Public Works Department checked for compliance with flood control, drainage and driveway standards and public improvement requirements. The Planning Division verified compliance with zoning regulations including authorized uses within zoning districts, and property development standards such as lot coverage, building height, setback, and density requirements. The Utilities Department reviewed for water conservation and waste management objectives.

The 7th of February we submitted our building plan application. Then we were informed that we need to get the building permit from the Fire Department and the Public Electric Company. The national carnaval season started and we got into a 15-day “puente” bridge of national holidays… so we had to stay calm and be patient. We invested that time for more planning of the next steps and also lots of bamboo planting.

Super Comida

What are superfoods?

Superfoods are the most used foods for thousands of years by native peoples to heal the mind and body. These are mostly virgin foods, with high nutrient content, rich in enzymes, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and phytochemicals, energy, antioxidants, control of infections and the gastrointestinal system and its related.

Enhancing the Body

These natural compounds have extensive therapeutic potential, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties. They are also an excellent source of fiber, antioxidants and are low calorie density. By consuming them, it improves our health like our immune system, helps to detoxify and reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

Micro-lots of Unique Origin

At Permatree Superfoods we focus on micro-lots of unique origin, from territories of the southern Ecuadorian Amazon. Which being a mega diverse biodiversity hotspot, is ideal for the production of superfoods endemic to the climate.

From the Ecuadorian Amazon with its humid tropical climate, which produces tropical fruits and medicinal plants, we offer quality functional products and beneficial properties for the health and wellness of the body.

More than just organic

We go further than just organic. Fully transparent processes, from seed to value-added superfoods. No agrochemicals: zero pesticides, zero herbicides and zero chemicals.

All this process is to prevent the product from undergoing any transformation in its natural chain with added ingredients such as: sugar, milk, salt, seasonings, among others. That all they do is lessen the effects of the antioxidants of fruit and plants, which help eliminate free radicals found in the bloodstream.

Be careful with fake superfoods

There are no set criteria for determining what is and what is not a superfood. Scientists claim that use of the term “superfood” is largely a marketing tool, with no root in academic research. But keep in mind that the same scientists also work for big Pharma or fast food industries…

Consuming foods that are packed with nutrients is a good idea. But the key to a healthy body and nutrition-diet is to consume a variety of nutritious foods in the right quantities. Also you want to keep the body in movement. WHO recommends 10’000 steps / 8km activity on a daily basis.

Another general criticism of the use of the term “superfood” is that, while the food itself might be healthful, the processing might not be. For example, when green tea is freshly brewed, it has several antioxidants. Commercially manufactured bottled green teas, however, are often cut with inferior teas and brewed with copious amounts of sugar. Many kinds of “super-juices” squeezed from acai berry, noni fruit and pomegranate can also include large amounts of added sugar. Similarly, whole grains are often processed so that they’re more palatable, but it makes them less healthful. For example, instant whole-grain oats are as unhealthy as overly processed white bread, in that they quickly spike sugar levels in the bloodstream once consumed, promoting insulin resistance, obesity and diabetes

Experiencia de voluntariado: semana 12 – Rebeca

Personal experience (lasts weeks)

As I mentioned in a previous post, I Rebeca Gaona, I’m doing my internship on the Yantza PermaTree Farm in Ecuador. Now I’m on week 12, almost ending my internship. I had to end my internship on december 20, but I have some health problems, so I’m going to have surgery on Tuesday, december 3, and the weeks between december 3 and december 20 I will work virtually with blogs, publications and information.

Jackfruit seedlings

I’ve been working in different things in the farm and I have learned new things. Some of the activities I have done are for example to plant seedlings from a jackfruit. At first we only used one jackfruit. After 1 and a half month approximately we obtained 102 plants, but 16 died.  Now we are waiting to see the other seedlings of 2 more jackfruits.

We transplanted new plants where some other plants did not survive. We used fruit plants and some native timber plants, and in some places we put some flowers, so the insects/bees and birds will have food and a place to stay. Enhancing biodiversity. 

In this time we harvested some ripe soursop fruits and we have made a lot of soursop-ice-cream. The biggest soursop that I saw, was one of 8 kg and we obtained almost 57 ice creams. 

Here rains a lot, and sometimes we have problems with the water. It can go under the earth and the landscape changes because the water is moving the earth. Erosion. Once we went up the mountain because the rain and mud covered the mouth of the main water tank. Which is used for the house, so we had to clean it and be sure that the water was arriving to the house. 

The farm dogs

I’ve always liked animals, and here on the farm there are four dogs. They are very friendly. The boss is Pulga (Flea), she is not the biggest, but she rules among the dogs. Then Toby goes, he is the biggest, Pica Pica is the youngest and the sister of Pulga (Flea). Mango, it’s a bit awkward, but he loves to receive affection and attention.

Other activity we made is to prune the bamboo, because it gives more strength to the plant and because of that it grows faster. We have to cut the new buds of the plant and the big ones. 

Sometimes we have to work on virtually because there is tropical rainfall. And sometimes we do not work outside because of the sun. Tropical climate.

Another important thing is that, after watching the farm and knowing how it works, the farm obtained the Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certification, given by the Agriculture Ministry. It’s important to say that it’s the very first farm in the Zamora-Chinchipe province that obtained this certification.

With the help of Conservation International, there will be a big conservation area linked with a biological corridor, so the native fauna will recover some of the natural habitat and they can have food and shelter there. Enhancing biodiversity.  

Currently, there is a project of building a small fabric to give local tropical fruits and vegetables added value. For example, the plant will produce dehydrated fruit, some different teas, natural oils and coffee. The coffee shop will be here on the farm and will work as a showroom for the added value products. For this we had to clean all the area where the construction will be, so the architects and the people of the construction could get a better look at the terrain.  

Farm Field Work

I have worked with “Don Ray” and Cunanchi, they are the workers of the farm. I really have fun with them because they are always fighting and saying nicknames between them. I work with them cleaning the perennial peanut (forage) and the soursop plants, reforesting some areas, making some steps on the terraces, relocating some perennial peanut to make soil  cover. 

Sometimes I go to eat with them, because it’s easier to eat there and then keep working than coming here to the main farm house and cook, eat and go down there again. 

I have learned, more than anything, about how life is, how hard things can get in a farm, how to work with other people and to organize my time and the activities that I have to do. This experience opened my mind to new projects and new way to manage a farm. Another important goal for me is that now I have more contact with people that can be helpful in the future, for new projects.

Making Home Made Bread in the Adobe Oven

I learned to make bread too, and I really like it. It’s something that I never thought I will learn but I’m glad i made it.

healthy food

I know to cook healthier things, and I’m reducing the quantity of meat that I eat. This is good because, even though people don’t know that, the meat production and cattle raising are destroying thousands of productive areas and are deforesting a big part of the Amazonian Rain Forest. 

Nature Surrounds the Farm

I think that now, I see more value in the natural resources, like flowers, plant, water, natural coverages and all the animals that complete this system, not only economic value, I mean, the importance that these resources have in our environment and to understand that all these elements work together and create a balance in the nature.

Sembrando mas Cúrcuma

Turmeric (Curcuma longa) is known for its medicinal and anti-inflammatory properties and in cooking as a coloring and flavoring. This plant is a cousin of ginger and is native to Asia. Both are considered superfoods. It has been used for many years, but over time the knowledge and importance of this plant has been lost.

Curcuma longa at Yantza Farm

Two areas of curcuma have been established in the Yantza – PermaTree. A large 15x30m approximately only turmeric and a small one with 4 terraces of 0.3m x 4 m where it is associated with different types of basil, mint and ginger.

For the large area worked on September 25, 2019, it was weeding and preparing the land. The cut plants were used between the rows to serve as mulching. This serves to decrease weed control. Over time they will decompose and pay for the soil, favoring the closing of cycles. Half of the area was planted on the same day.

The next day, September 26, the other half of the area was sown using the same method. The cut weed was accommodated between the beds, the soil was prepared and the soil was sown approximately 5 cm of curcuma root, at a distance of 40 cm between plant and 1 m between row to 5 cm deep.

In the smaller area it was associated with several crops. The soil in this area was not very good, so it was necessary to add fertilizer. Soil preparation was similar, the same planting distance was used but larger roots were used because the soil is not in the best condition. The curcuma takes approximately 9 months to be ready for harvest. From each plant you can obtain up to 1-2 kg of turmeric. Once you have a considerable amount of curcuma you can start to give it added value by hand, either for natural medicine, food industry or even to make cosmetics of natural origin.

Turmeric properties

In addition to being used in cooking as a seasoning, turmeric has many medicinal uses.

  • Helps reduce the number of cancer cells in the mouth, skin and intestine. It can be used as a complement to chemotherapy. breast cancer is one of the best responds to the effects of turmeric. According to Carlos García Saldaña, member of the Spanish Society of Graduates, Doctors and Graduates in Food Science and Technology, turmeric is good for preventing cancer, induces cell death in the deepest part of individual cells, eliminates the cells responsible for bladder and  lung cancer.
  • Its anti-inflammatory effect makes it comparable to the effect of ibuprofen or phenylbutazone. This is because curcumin acts on inflammation mediators, such as leukotrienes, neutrophils, platelet aggregation and COX enzyme activity. for this, it is a good choice for the treatment of osteoarthritis. Turmeric as a seasoning cannot be said to be fully effective in painful seizures.
  • Because of its anti-inflammatory action, turmeric is also indicated in other processes that affect organs, such as inflammatory bowel disease, inflammation of the eye cornea, pancreatitis or irritable colon.
  • Turmeric facilitates the digestion of fats by improving the quantity, quality and flow of bile. It is recommended when cholesterol is high or in patients with diabetes, and in healthy people it is excellent digestive from high-fat foods, it also helps to burn fat
  • Alzheimer’s is a chronic inflammation of the central nervous system. As we have said before, turmeric is an excellent anti-inflammatory. This improves the quality of brain tissue and reduces the progression of Alzheimer’s. It may also be helpful in the complementary treatment of other neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s.
  • Turmeric may also help against mood disorders. A study of 60 patients with psychotic and suicidal tendencies observed a positive evolution that could be related to the effect of curcumin on monoaminergic nerve pathways, mood determinants, and axis stimulus hypothalamus-adrenal pituitary gland, which controls stress reactions.
  • Eye cells have many pigments, turmeric contains curcumin, which being a pigment is very useful in the face of eye degradation and loss of perception. However, turmeric does not act alone from within the body. It is also able to do it through the skin. It is therefore indicated for the healing of ulcers and wounds, and as a rejuvenating agent. Studies suggest a beneficial action on psoriasis, scleroderma, and premalignant or malignant skin lesions.