Struggling With Parasites In Latin America

In Latin America, I continuously struggle with bacteria’s. While traveling now almost two years, I mostly struggled with amoebas – the bad ones! The thing is, here, the water is often contaminated mostly of cows poo or other fecal sources. Local people often told me, that the tap water is drinkable but in fact, it’s not! Only in big cities where drinking water is purified… But still, the amoeba, for example, does not die from purifying the water with chlorine. For short-time travelers you can use a water filters but still you’re not 100% on the safe side, because the water you use for washing you’re dishes, for example is still contaminated. This was my first mistake, which I wasn’t thinking about in the beginning. So I do now heat up the water (it has to boil! Electric water heater is not a option!) and use it to lay my dishes in there for a minute, to be sure I am killing all of the bad bacteria’s!


Wash your foods with clean water, when preparing them. Avoid eating refined flour and sugar, don’t feed you’re bad bacteria’s. Avoid contact with dirt, because bacterial eggs can be found there. Having a diet based on meat, is easy to come in contact with parasites. Prevention for family members; cut you’re nails short so they stay clean and wash you’re hands often, especially before preparing food and after petting animals. Use separate towels and wash clothes in hot water. Oh by the way, here, in Latin America, laundry usually washes you’re cloth with cold water and dry them afterwords in the dryer. Hand washing clothes is common. If they use hot water when it’s heated up by gas.


How ever, luckily there are some people which never struggle from bacterial disease but it’s not proofed that they don’t have any! So, I probably went through all diseases you can ever expect from bacteria’s! Also mood wise I was a other person! I was quickly annoyed and I lost all my patience. No joke, this was a hard time for me. I couldn’t stand myself! And I was always hungry – Arrg! With my, almost pregnant looking, blown belly.



Colufase antibioticum

Here, in Latin America, they only know antibiotics. The bad thing about that is, they do not only kill the “bad” they also kill the good bacteria’s. So, often after a antibiotic treatment I was struggling with a other disease which is called candida a fungal. We all have candida in our bodies, like bacteria’s as well, but if they take over it can be unpleasant. After my experiences with antibiotics which, depending on the doctor and country, can completely drain you. Which means, awful long sitting on the toilet for minimum one day! But do not lose your mind, like I did, it will stop and go away. Just drink a lot of water I recommend coconut water to stabilize the important things you’re body needs while this process.


Master Tonic


Master Tonic

I started researching and found the promising Master Tonic a natural treatment. The first problem was to find apple cider, because in Latin America it’s damn hard to find it! I mostly failed because of not finding the needed ingredients! Meanwhile I luckily found a organic, alternative vinegar and started my Master Tonic. I followed the instruction, it’s a awful “juice” but I stayed strong! A few weeks later things didn’t changed at all and I went to the doctor again! Recipe here




Neem Leaves


Neem leaves

I then, by coincidence, met a guy who told me about the Neem leaves. Which he made a brew out of it and it sounded really promising, while he told me, that the Neem brew healed all of his tourists disease. I also found interesting facts about Neem on the internet and I was convinced. But back in the town, where I lived back then, was no Neem to find… So again I failed. Here a wonderful indian recipe, which I will try as soon as I get my own Neem tree in our food forest.




Noni Fruit


Noni del Quindío. Extracto natural de Noni.

Noni is a really special fruit! Actually it does not really taste like a pictured tropical yummy fruit rather bitter and awkward, but if it helps for medical reason – I am in! Noni has the ability to defend you’re body from cancer or if you have cancer it can help stop growing it. Which sounds awesome! They say: Noni contains components that can help human body to regenerate cells and to increase the defenses of it, naturally. Also tumors, sunburns, allergies, arthritis, asthma, better circulation, colds, cough, depression, diabetes and it has an remarkable effect, against 7 different kinds of harmful bacteria, effective against fungi and parasites. Our friend in Colombia Quindío makes this powerful Noni extract! Source


Fermented Food


Kimchi a Korean fermented dish

Then people told me to eat or drink fermented food to beat up you’re gut and fight against the bad bacteria’s. I was animated to try it. From Kombucha to fermented vegetables like Sauerkraut. But luck wasn’t on my site because the fermentation always rotted. I didn’t used the right jar and the whole fermentation was totally new to me. So I gave up and was disappointed. More about fermented food here. On the other side, if you’re struggling with candida don’t eat any fermented food, because you’re candida will love it and grow even more, because of the sugar amount in fermented foods. By the way, don’t eat anything with sugar even fruits. Only vegetables, I tell you! More about a candida diet here




Propolis from bees

I heard, the first time, about Propolis in Bolivia, where they mad soap out of it, but actually there is a lot more potential! Propolis or bee glue is a resinous mixture that honey bees collect from tree buds, sap flows, or other botanical sources. Propolis has a wide range of antibacterial properties. It also has anti-fungal and anti-viral powers. Health benefits here. Instructions: Take 3 drops per kilo or 3 capsules half an hour before each meal. Recommended are cycles of 7 days with an interval of 7 days after treatment. Times to ensure a repetition of 3-5 for complete elimination of parasites or bacteria. instruction source



Think Local

Actually there are tons of natural treatments and recommendations out there but I couldn’t really find one person who guided my though a proper instruction which was really helping against my problem. So I had to search for local medicine plants and also ask local people. Encountered so far:

Supports by: Rheumatism, arthritis, cancer, wounds, gastric ulcers and intestinal complaints, chronic pain, improve immunity, colitis, viral and fungal infections, such as herpes and candida. Source

The latex of this tree is used for: Bacteriostatic, bactericide, fungicide; is also traditionally used to treat influenza, tonsillitis, herpes, uta, burns, acne, colds, diseases of tonsils, gingivitis, cervicitis, lose weight, control bleeding. Source

  • “Jergon Sancha” o “Oro verde”, Araceae Dracontium, (South America)

Helps against: Snakebite, asthma, menstrual disorders, chlorosis, and whooping cough, natural remedy supposedly for HIV/AIDS, cancerous tumors, gastrointestinal problems, hernias. Uña de gato and Sacha jergon together can be used in the treatment of AIDS. Source

  • Copaiba, Fabaceae Copaifera (South America)

Beneficial effects of Copaiba are due to its anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor, anti-tetanus, antiseptic and anti-hemorrhagic properties. Copaiba oil or resin is used by indigenous tribes for skin sores, psoriasis and other minor skin problems. Other actions; increases expels worms, kills fungi, bacteria and germs, reduces acid. Internal: 5-15 drops, 2-3 times daily.

Is a species of flowering plant. The alkaloid cryptolepine is a potent antimalarial. The plant also has potential for treating Type II diabetes and is considered a powerful systemic antibiotic. It contains the antibacterial alkaloids cryptolepine, quindoline, and neocryptolepine.  The roots are also used as a yellow dye. More infos here

More about medical plants: plantas medicinales, plantas medicinales selva

Easy DIY recipe

  1. South American traditional remedy; 3 very small teeth garlic, into a cup. Pour very hot water over them. Let it sit all night and drink the water on an empty stomach in the morning. (Although there are regions where people bits of garlic also swallow).
  2. Eat these foods daily in salads or desserts: onion, avocado and pumpkin seeds and papaya. Or for tuff situations; eat a whole day salad with garlic and walnuts. Drink a cup of horchata in the morning and immediately afterwards ten pumpkin seeds.
  3. Boil ½ teaspoon thyme, ½ teaspoon of gentian root, chamomile bitter ½ teaspoon and ½ cup of water for 10 minutes. turn off the heat and it stand for another 10 minutes. Take it for nine days for children in between 9 and 12 years. Double dose for adults and halve for baby’s.
  4. Boil a bunch of mint in a liter of water for a few minutes. Drink it on an empty stomach (2 tablespoons), 2 crushed garlic and 1/4 (small) glass of milk or water.
  5. Mix 2 tablespoons dried pumpkin seeds and ground, half a glass, with warm water and taken on an empty stomach.
  6. 1/4 cup coconut milk with 4 pumpkin seeds.
  7. 1/4 cup orange juice, 2 tablespoons papaya seeds (mixed) and 2 tablespoons of olive oil which helps to eliminate parasites.
  8. Take 2 tablespoons of honey with water of a orange peel.
  9. 40 Pumpkin seeds for a jar of one Liter, a medium papaya with skin and seeds, liquefies all, the original recipe goes with milk but can be added with coconut milk instead or water. Strain all three ingredients. Take this juice 3 times a day. In the last one give 2 tablespoons olive oil
  10. Eat on a empty stomach a coin big peace of a papaya leave. The bitterness of the leaves helps to paralyses the parasites and expels them.


Easy solution with Piperazin

For now, I go with Piperazin, which I found as pills, in a herbal shop. Piperazin is an organic compound. Their mode of action is generally by paralyzing parasites, which allows the host body to easily remove or expel the invading organism, likewise what Pumpkin seeds does. Piperazin exist since the 50ties but I never heard about it before and It worked well so far! After a package, 6 days, take an interval of 7 days and repeat then the treatment to be sure.

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