The PermaTree Team

Our introduction stories below.

Co-founder and Director of Operations (COO)

Yago, with experience in the digital health, beauty and soft & hardware industry. With SME experience and also Fortune 500 companies in Switzerland. Focused on innovation in e-commerce, marketing and communication. What inspired the creation of PermaTree Superfoods was the lack of markets in productive territories and product transparency in first world markets. His passion: regenerative disruption by applying innovation processes to create a better world in the future.


Co-founder and Executive Director (CEO)

Walter, with experience in socio-organizational federations small agricultural producers and public / private companies in Ecuador. Focused on the standardization of value-added processes with organic certification and commercialization and export. See the potential of endemic raw material south of the Ecuadorian Amazon. The main inspiration realizing the degree of joint knowledge of the the founding team. Passion: Generate added value products and improve the living conditions of producing families.


Co-founder and Director of producer relations

Danny, with experience in entrepreneurship and family businesses in the agricultural industry and public companies / private SMEs in Ecuador. Focused on coordination between ministries, organizations and producers related to productive value-added systems in the territory. Inspiration to create PermaTree Superfoods was the lack and non-existence of a transparent feeding systems and processes, with a healthy and regenerative approach. The Passion research create and establish productive processes of the highest quality for producing families.