General Living and Working Hours?

The day starts at 06:00 AM and ends at 21:00 PM (normally). After breakfast, everyone starts with some of the Daily/Weekly/Monthly Tasks. Mornings we work for max. 5 hours (until lunch) on current Farm Projects and in the afternoon on Self Initiated Projects. We use shared facilities: Living room, kitchen; shower; compost toilet; laundry area, and we take turns with daily chores such as cleaning. If you go out of the farm you have to be back at the farm before 18:00. Shower before 18:00 o’clock.

Typical work week at PermaTree – example: Last Week Of March 2017 Blogpost

Daily / Weekly / Monthly Tasks (Maintenance):
There are several different daily chores such as cleaning which needs to be done at different times.

Farm Projects (Morning):
All the directly farm-related projects such as planting more fruit trees, bamboo, making stairs, digging holes, harvesting other fruits, cutting grass, etc. Farm Projects are in the morning before lunch.

Self Initiated Projects (Afternoon):
Volunteers come up with their own ideas which can be implemented within finca PermaTree. Example: Food recipes, Daily hacks / improvements, Planting crops and trees, Extracting and drying seeds, Blog post about specific topic. Each project needs a duration estimation at the start: for example 3 h or 4 days until finalized. The goal is to finalize the SIP during the stay. Ideally, one should write a DIY blog post with photos about your experience and motivation with your SIP. Self Initiated Projects are done in the afternoon.

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