Travel illnesses, parasites

The most important thing to know is; only drink boiled water and cooked food. 99% of every parasites disease, like Amoebas, come from contaminated water! So be careful drinking juices (they add always water from the tap) ice, ice cream ect. or eating salads! Bring natural anti-parasite medicine with you while traveling. Just to say, Imodium want help. Most Volunteer come to us, having already infected with parasites.

To be more specific; most likely you will have some issue with microbes or and parasites. Many infections may be transmitted by microbes or parasites that have previously entered the water. From directly drinking not 100% clean water or eating a fruit which was touched by another person who did not wash the hands. To stay on the secure side also drink filtered water and only eat fruit which are clean or have a skin you can peal like bananas.

You will have no trouble at our farm we filter the water from the tap or give you the possibility to drink water from the bottle. We never use tap water even if it could be drink able. Except for cooking (boiled). The only thing we see where microorganism could thrive is in our water tanks because rain brings a lot of mud and a part of this mud can stay in our water tanks.

You do not have to worry about Malaria and Yellow Fever they are extremely uncommon in our region. Dengue and Chikungunya do exist but have a very low prevalence. Also there is the human botfly, Dermatobia hominis, is one of several species of fly, the larvae of which parasites humans it’s common in central and south America.

The Ecuadorian government requires no vaccines for legal entry.