Because we believe that Collaboration outperforms Competition. We look for win-win relationships. Relationships that specifically benefits everyone involved. As a holistic organization our goals and action lists are huge. Nature operates similarly everything is interconnected. Flowering plant produces flowers and seeds which are food food for birds and insects thus they help to spread the seeds to help the plant propagate in other places. If thats not a Win-Win Relationship…

The win-win collaboration we seek is specific contribution and support of our open source creations listed below.

PermaTree helps the Volunteers and collaborator partners through:

  • Promotion and recognition
  • Skill-building and/or demonstration of a product or service
  • International Contact Network
  • A shared desire to evolve global sustainability and open source share solutions with us

By clear communication of goals and expectations, we constantly seek to exemplify our approaches to collaboration and decision-making. Which benefit all individuals and groups involved, and the world at the end too. Seeking clear win-win relationships like this helps make sure everyone we work with is directly helping PermaTree achieve our global goals. While also achieving their own personal goals and/or aspirations too. We believe that this is essential for productive, efficient, and long-lasting working relationships that will help PermaTree succeed in positively transforming the world for everyone.