What is PermaTree

PermaTree is a non-profit education organization. We are an independent global group of people with a strong dedication to the idea of living a more meaningful and resilient life. People who are interested in farming and our philosophy. It’s also a platform for open source knowledge. Everything that is needed to fulfill the project and their task and to live a sustainable lifestyle. If you would like to be a part of PermaTree, contact us!

Meaning of PermaTree

The term “PermaTree” combines the words “permanent” and “tree”, therefore, permanent trees. Trees produce oxygen, which we need to breathe. They protect us from the sun with shade. They create habitats for diverse wildlife, which is important for our environment. In many cultures, the tree is the symbol of life. Its roots and branches represent where we come from and where we want to go. Trees not only support us with food and life, they also give us back what we’re looking for, which is inner peace.

Future Depends on Our Actions!

The trend gravitates to organic food, awareness of industrial disaster, and extinction of human civilization. This is really happening and we all feel it. In every country the weather is becoming more extreme. Many naive people think it’s not affecting them, but in reality it is happening! We all have to change our habits otherwise there will be probably no future for us humans, which, on the flip side would be a blessing for mother earth.

We are the first generation to experience the effects of climate change and the last generation who can do something about it. We are part of a new society that sets the first steps in a sustainable, regenerative and consistently evolving natural ecosystem in which the human species is a part of. We set new paths for the future of our children and want to share unknown and forgotten principles to restore the equilibrium for the planet earth. We want our children to know the names and benefits of all the edible plants and fruits. Unlike our generation, we hope that they would know the names of fruits rather than the names of car brands. The global, commercial, corporate, brand marketing, consumer-focused society we are currently experiencing will be a chapter in the history of humans. It’s now time live in balance with our society, animals and the entire planet.

Vision, We Are All Visitors Just Passing byWe Are All Visitors Just Passing by

People often think that earth, animals and all the things we see and can buy belong to us – humans. But as we all know, we once came into this life and one day we will leave it. We are just visitors to this beautiful place. As the Australian Aboriginal once said: “We are all visitors to this time, this place. We are just passing through. Our purpose here is to observe, to learn, to grow, to love… and then we return home”. We have to keep in mind that our time here is limited! We don’t know how long we will be here. That’s why it is more important to do things in life, which are important! This philosophy became a huge role in our lives because we realized that after a 9 to 5 job, you don’t even have time to grasp the beauty of life!

Vision, Change Is The Only ConstantChange Is The Only Constant

Heraclitus philosophy is a good starting point for anyone concerned with change in life. Heraclitus said that, “Life is like a river. The peaks and troughs, pits and swirls, are all part of the ride.” Do as Heraclitus would – “go with the flow”. Enjoy the ride, as wild as it may be. He also said, “Change is the only constant”, meaning, nothing in life is 100% certain and the only thing that occurs is change. If it’s the weather or your lifestyle or even your cells in your body, all is changing. This philosophy has become a big role in our lives, because if we assume every day will be the same, then we can’t stay flexible ourselves, if it once is not like we expected – the same!

Elements of Vision

1. Tribe

The idea of a tribe is to transform it in to a community at PermaTree. People who share the same passion as we do. Which also includes interacting with existing local community and sharing things in an open way.  Knowhow, ideas, experience and social exchanges with other people and cultures. The natural willingness to support each other in a collaborative way. A place where people come together and create mutual enrichment. We want to promote to recycle meanwhile lost knowhow through people who want to share their learned skills and collected wisdom with others people. To awaken long ago forgotten rituals. With the long term goal to gain the ability to produce ourselves within the community the essentials things for life. “A tribe is a group of people connected to one another, connected to a leader, and connected to an idea”. Seth Godin

2. Food

Where is food coming from? We just have to remember us, that not industries feeds us, nature feeds us! And the sad thing about processed food is that we lost all our instincts of nature, where food is found and how to cook it. Fast food has a bad side effect; this food can’t be healthy at all! If you have once read the ingredients of a product, you might doubt if this is even an ingredient! Today, industries use about 30 different additives while our ancestors just used 3 ingredients to make bread: water, wheat flour and salt. So don’t tell me that industrial food is better! Even I am suffering from modern food industries and became intolerant. I couldn’t tell what my dishes were really made of. Therefore, we realized the only way to change that is to prepare and cook food on our own. From there, we have to start with the very first step, the seed. Then growing, and finally cooking it.

Vision, Btina Health3. Health

Most people are lucky enough to be born healthy and many do not know how to appreciate the value of health. It is therefore in the interest of each individual to be aware to eat and live healthily. This also requires a healthy environment and getting enough exercise or movement. Modern humans move as little as 2,000 steps per day, while 10,000 steps would be a minimum of healthy movement. The only working muscle, which is left is the brain muscle. It is damned in standby mode to work only passively. In today’s activities, there is almost no interaction left, which is what humans were initially designed for. With the global revolution in which we stand today, a self-sustainable lifestyle and health awareness have become growing interests for us. We figured that if we can supply ourselves with what we need to live, then we not only know exactly where and how things come from but are also more aware of what it takes to do so. We automatically will have more movement on our property!

Vision, Organic Garlic4. Organic

We found that the principle of permaculture is more logical to us then having big monoculture, cutting down trees, or growing grass for cows. Permanently functioning, sustainable and natural cycles are the best basis for a new start. People’s beliefs are still in monoculture and they copy nonsense habits since the ‘60’s and chemistry marketing burns our brains. If we poison our food, it’s clear to me that this has a side effect on our health and environment drastically! In some countries they use it without awareness. They think it’s normal! Everybody is using it. Just look at north Thailand, changed drastically! We poison ourselves!

Vision, Permaculture Banana Palm Tree5. Permaculture

We want to expand the idea of “less is more” even further. A self-sufficient life means for us to know where the vegetables and fruits come from without chemical poisons and genetic engineering. We want to set up interconnected regenerative growing and evolving natural cycles that will go with the flow. The word permaculture originally referred to “permanent agriculture”, but was expanded to stand also for “permanent culture”, as it was seen that social aspects were integral to a truly sustainable system as inspired by Masanobu Fukuoka’s natural farming philosophy. It was first coined by Australians David Holmgren, then a graduate student, and his professor, Bill Mollison, back in 1978. Permaculture combines current technology with our tribal ancestors’ cultural knowledge collected over generations to create self-contained, self-perpetuating ecological systems. This includes growing edible and nutritious plants, and fish & animals, as well as the application of appropriate technology to create energy from solar, wind, water, & compost.

Vision, Environment Los Encuentros6. Environment

The environment is the sum total of what is around us. It includes living things and natural forces. The environment of living things provides conditions for development and growth, as well as of danger and damage. Living things do not simply exist in their environment. They constantly interact with it. Organisms change in response to conditions in their environment. The environment consists of the interactions among plants, animals, soil, water, temperature, light, and other living and nonliving things.

Vision, Transparency Brid Leave7. Transparency

Information is not open yet or available for everyone as it should be. There are no absolutes. Complete transparency doesn’t serve anyone well. But we believe that appropriate, relevant and local information allows our message to be more authentic and therefore better understood as a result. It will also help others to make more evidence-based research and intelligent choices for the future of all. We also believe that alternative schooling makes more sense in supporting children or adults in their strengths and boosting their individuality. School or learning doesn’t have to be a displeasure.


Thanks to our onsite experience, research and vision, we have a clear picture of what needs to be developed to get it up and running. It will take some time until the PermaTree is embedded in the natural cycles. This is a lifetime/long term project.

PermaTree Vision Organization

1.) “Yantza Farm”

  • HQ
  • Production
  • Experimental

2.) “Products”

Foods / Dietary Supplements / Medicinal / Essential oil / etc.

  1. Soursop (Fruit (5-15kg), pulp, leaf powder, seeds)
  2. Turmeric (root, powder)
  3. Banana (dried / dehydrated)
  4. Bamboo shoots
  5. Guayusa (dry leafs)

3.) “Experience”


  • Co-creating start-ups
  • Co-working space
  • Co-Living

5.) “Education”

  • Kindergarten
  • Primary School – High School
  • Workshops

6.) “BAMBOO”

  1. Food
  2. Beverage
  3. Accessories
  4. Construction
  5. Furniture
  6. Medicinal
  7. Cosmetics