PermaTree focuses on comprehensive renewable and healthy solutions in the long term. Regenerative lifestyle research.

Finca Yantza

Producing various tropical fruit and bamboo crops. We go beyond organic certifications. Permaculture.

Cafe Tipikas

Tipikas Coffee Shop has established itself as one of the first sources of high quality coffee and tropical gourmet products in Zamora, Ecuador.

Latest PermaTree Blog Posts

Colombia so far

After, the fresh high mountains and the hot Amazonian region of Bolivia, we decided to fly over to Colombia on August 12th 2015, where the climate is more stable, over the whole year. What we’re actually looking for, after Bolivia. For a bigger view; click on the top icon right hand. Bogotá Big city of […]

Seeking permaculture land

Our goal with PermaTree is, to start our own self-sufficient, cooperative, eco farm, hostel and co-working, co-living space, nature reserve, eco-tourism, reforestation with the aid of the brilliant permaculture principles. We plan to build natural buildings with adobe, bamboo or whatever makes sense depending where we finally settle. And to work with locals as well […]

A quick video introduction to PermaTree: Finca Yantza (2018) Birdsview – From the Jungle to the Farm

What is PermaTree?

The vision in short is to live a sustainable life in harmony with nature as self-sufficient as possible. With permaculture as a practical tool for self-sufficient ecosystems to build and improve biodiversity.

Understand the processes of nature and act on them. A platform where you can come, share, learn and inspire yourself for a better and sustainable life. We establish impulses for future generations by researching and implementing sustainable lifestyles.

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