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Our introduction stories below.


I realized, that I have to produce our own food to know really what we eat. To know, how is it produced and if it’s really organic! The same with animals. Food is the fuel for our body and if we choose the right food we can heal or poison our body. Knowledge is the key and listening to your body. I always loved to be close to nature if as a gardener or walking in the woods I still have a huge passion for medical plants, fruits and vegetables from all over the world.

Yago Veith


One day I realized that life had flown past me! A friend gave me a book to read, “The One-Straw Revolution” by Masanobu Fukuoka. This book opened my eyes! It was fascinating to start to see things from a different angle. Simple farming method and I became interested in permaculture. The only way we can eat real organic food is to grow it on ourselves! Be the change you want to see. Professional background in Digital Marketing and E-Commerce starting back in the year 1999.
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Santiago Granda


Santiago Granda.
Electromechanical Engineering Professional who is in charge of control and management of the raw material processing processes, monitors compliance with BPM, Occupational Health and Safety in each of the processes.
He is in continuous investigation in subjects of Alternative Energies that can be applied in our Association to contribute in a better way to the Environmental Conservation.

Walter Mauricio Villacis


Walter Mauricio Villacis, Commercial Engineer from the National University of Loja-Ecuador. Born in the city of Zumba, Canton Chinchipe, province of Zamora Chinchipe.
I have previous experience as President of the Autonomous Decentralized Rural Parish Government of Chorro and as General Manager of the Federation of Small Organic Agricultural Exporters of the Southern Ecuadorian Amazon “APEOSAE” and currently Founder and Partner of the CAFÉ TIPIKAS project, my skills and knowledge has allowed me to develop important projects in productive value chain such as Coffee, Cocoa and Banana produced by Small Producers with Organic Certification mainly.
In addition, I am an Internal Inspector in Organic Certification under EU, NOP and National regulations.
What motivates me to participate in this project is first because of the approach that PERMATREE expresses, about the interest in the value chains in the productive sector, since by my modest experience I define them as a system that starts in the hands of the producer and ends at the consumer’s table.

Danny Klever Carrillo Correa


Danny Klever Carrillo Correa, Micro Entrepreneurship Promoter.
Born in the city of Zamora, Canton Zamora, province of Zamora-Chinchipe.
The main focus of my activities has been to promote products of small entrepreneurs locally and nationally in the province of Zamora Chinchipe.
I have experience as a coffee roaster in the federation APEOSAE, promoter of the SHOWROOM project (MIPRO), of the technical office of Zamora Chinchipe and currently founder and barista of CAFÉ TIPIKAS.
The main role I will play in the PERMATREE project is to conduct policies, strategies and projects related to social welfare, participation, management, communication and promotion of decision-making for small producers, suppliers of raw materials, as well such as participation and promotion in local, provincial, regional and national fairs.

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