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Do you want to become a member of the PermaTree team? Are you sharing the same desire as we do? Love to work, share experiences, food and your warm-hearted and positive vibration? Then let’s talk about a long-term membership at PermaTree! Get to know us! Read our introduction stories below.


My botanical knowledge came from my apprenticeship as a gardener after school. But after that, I followed another career as a digital nomad, graphic designer. My roots were still present to mother nature whether I was spending time being outside, working as a gardener at my grandmother’s place, or just walking through the woods. I loved exploring nature. On the other hand, I got a food intolerance, which obviously made it impossible for me to eat outside at restaurants. I went through a really bad time in my life and I reached my limits. But the good thing about that is I found out what I have and through that it transformed into this lovely project, PermaTree.


Working office jobs made it almost impossible to enjoy life as it is. The modern world forced me to work long hours while I realized that life had flown past me! So I wanted to change that, I thought that there must be more out there: spending more time outside, exploring nature and enjoying my actual life. I read the book, “The One-Straw Revolution” by Masanobu Fukuoka and it opened my eyes! I was fascinated by the way he described his simple farming method and I became interested in permaculture. The only way we can eat real organic food is to grow it on ourselves! Not Industries feeds us nature feeds us!

The Farm Dogs

It will always be the farm dogs that greet any visitor first, barking to alert us of the arrival of a stranger. The dogs are integral members of our farm, regardless of their shape and size, because they all have a purpose: to provide companionship or protection.

Our Story

Our change came from different side effects within the last years. We realized that there must be more than having an office job and watching our own destruction! Check out our vision page to find out more about our awakening.

Actually, our journey decision stated with our big 4-week holiday in Costa Rica in March 2014. We had been to Mexico once but this time we made our exploration with our own car from the Pacific to the Caribbean coast and we loved it. We came back to Switzerland and we realized how enriched Latin America is and that we wanted to see more.

We left Switzerland/Europe in August 2014 and started exploring and traveling, with our young dog Asterix in Paraguay, South America. After Paraguay, we went over to Bolivia, and then Colombia. Ecuador made our dream come true! In May 2016, we found our dream in the beautiful Amazon region of South Ecuador.

In these last two years of traveling and exploring, we have done more than within the last 10 years we spent in Switzerland! We have explored regions, spots, places, countries and have seen different lifestyles, people, food and landscapes. It was an enriching time and process we went through to reach where we are today.

Check out our travel pictures from Paraguay, Bolivia, Colombia and Ecuador