Progress to Date Status – Permatree Superfoods S.A.

We’re almost 6 month through the Permatree-Superfoods startup objectives plan we started working on in October of 2020. Here’s how things are going…

As some of you might know plans are rarely, if ever, set in stone. The best plans are fluid and adapt to results and feedback throughout the process. A plan shouldn’t be evaluated black and white – ideally it should be reviewed and adjusted frequently to make sure you’re going in the right direction. I think is a good milestone to step back and reflect on our big-picture startup progress. We are sharing this publicly because we believe that it’ll be valuable to other businesses working to execute on their own plans.


PermaTree is a independent umbrella organization for connected operations. Permatree Superfoods S.A. operation transforms tropical fruits, vegetables and seeds from southern territories of the Amazon in Ecuador. We believe in a totally transparent process from seed to the superfoods you eat.


More than just organic. Unique Origin. Micro-Lots. The whole process is done locally so all the added value is created in territory. And doing so we can make it fully transparent for the consumer. By working with small farms that agree to our way of working with the land, we know exactly how our products are grown. Their fruits and vegetables are transformed and packaged here, at our own plant. We communicate clearly and precisely about all aspects of our products to help our final consumers make an educated decision at the time of purchase of the superfood.


Three visionary entrepreneurs (Walter, Danny and Jago) from Switzerland and Ecuador, living at Finca Yantza in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Together we have x-years of international experience in organic, holistic production, transparency, process standardization, socio-organizational work, entrepreneurship, export, e-commerce, communication and digital marketing. We have been inspired in the creation of PermaTree Superfoods in Sept 2019 because of the need of real income for the producing families in territories of the southern Ecuadorian Amazon. And the lack of transparency of “organic’ products in first world markets.


To be an innovative and disruptive company that produces added value superfoods of the highest quality directly from within the territory.


We create added value superfoods from: dehydrated seda banana and orito banana, turmeric powder, soursop and guayusa leaf teas.


Transformation of territory. Social, environmental and economic enhancing. Work throughout the value chain with transparency with direct and indirect actors. Focused on the beneficial properties for the health and well-being of the organism. Rescuing the local multicultural identity. Focusing on the regeneration of mega biodiversity. Focused on promoting the production of the raw material with 400 producing families. Focused on micro lots of unique origin from the southern territories of the Ecuadorian Amazon. We go beyond the organic. Totally transparent process from seed to value-added superfoods. Without agrochemicals: zero pesticides, zero herbicides and zero chemical fertilizers. Communicating clearly and precisely to help final consumers, to make an educated decision at the time of the purchase of the superfood.


30.10.2019 – SENESCYT (Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation) launched the INNOVACyT-2019 competition call where we applied
05.11.2019 – Permatree Superfoods S.A. Registration at Superintendence of Companies
25.11.2019 – Obtain Unique Registry of Taxpayers (RUC) for company
26.11.2019 – Create 1st company Bank account JEP
06.01.2020 – Studies (water, soil, earth and topographic)

07.01.2020 – Create plans for: Architectural, Hydro sanitary, Civil structural

08.01.2020 – Create process for transformation of added value products
09.01.2020 – Obtain ARSA (Agencia de Regulación Sanitaria) operating permit
11.01.2020 – Obtain the MIPRO (Ministerio de Industrias) categorization & municipal patent
13.01.2020 – SENADI – Registration of the brand at Patent and Trademark Office
17.01.2020 – Company land 0.6673has registration
20.01.2020 – Obtain the comercial land use certificate from the municipality of Yantzaza
21.01.2020 – Obtain risk management certificate
21.02.2020 – Process flow of operational processing plant and processing plans
24.01.2020 – Obtain environmental resolution and registration
01.02.2020 – Website Multi Language and Subdomain

05.02.2020 – Create 2nd company Bank account BAN ECUADOR
12.02.2020 – Applied at Food For Good 2020 competition by FAMAE with our start-up
17.02.2020 – Create plans for Electrical study for construction
02.03.2020 – Create plans for fire prevention for construction
04.03.2020 – Create 3rd company Bank account BANCO DE LOJA
05.03.2020 – Final building permit from the municipality of Yantzaza

07.03.2020 – Product packaging design prototype
07.03.2020 – Topographers marking building structures and road access on the lot of land
11.03.2020 – Placing road signs on the construction site


Publication of the article – Disruption of the food system – December 10, 2018. First meeting 15.06.2019 and second meeting 22.06.2019 at finca Yantza regarding collaboration for the creation of PermaTree Superfoods S.A. 12.07.2010 started collaboration with PermaTree Cafe Tipikas in Zamora. End of January 2020 we temporarily closed PermaTree Cafe Tipikas to focus 100% on the creation of PermaTree SuperFoods. Our objective is to reopen PermaTree Cafe Tipikas as soon as we go public with PermaTree SuperFoods most likely in Aug – Sep 2020.


The review process duration slightly exceeded our initial expectations… The GAD of Yantzaza is required by law to enforce numerous Federal, State and local construction and development regulations to insure that our project is safe and is an asset to the community. After our building permit application was submitted at the municipality of Yantzaza started reviewing our plans. The review process involved several departments of the municipality. The building compliance, plumbing, mechanical, electrical, disabled access compliance, building codes and water control regulations and such.

The Fire Department (Bomberos) checked for compliance with national fire safety requirements. The Public Works Department checked for compliance with flood control, drainage and driveway standards and public improvement requirements. The Planning Division verified compliance with zoning regulations including authorized uses within zoning districts, and property development standards such as lot coverage, building height, setback, and density requirements. The Utilities Department reviewed for water conservation and waste management objectives.

The 7th of February we submitted our building plan application. Then we were informed that we need to get the building permit from the Fire Department and the Public Electric Company. The national carnaval season started and we got into a 15-day “puente” bridge of national holidays… so we had to stay calm and be patient. We invested that time for more planning of the next steps and also lots of bamboo planting.