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PermaTree is located 2 Km from the little town “Los Encuentros” which is in the Amazon region, South of Ecuador. The farm leads on the national road; “Troncal Amazónico (E45)” precisely on Kilometer 741.5. The neighborhood is called “Los Naranjos in “Los Encuentros” canton Yantzaza which is in the province of Zamora Chinchpe in Ecuador.

Quito -> Cuenca -> Gualaquiza -> Yantzaza -> Los Encuentros -> Finca Yantza
Quito -> Loja -> Yantzaza -> Los Encuentros -> Finca Yantza
by plane from Quito.
Quito Airport -> Loja Catamayo Airport -> Loja -> Yantzaza -> Los Encuentros -> Finca Yantza

68km Northwest of the city “Zamora” and 124km from the city of “Loja” (3h by Bus) on the “Troncal Amazonica (E45)” national road heading to “El Pangui” / “Gualaquiza”. If you come from Cuenca it’s the other side over “Gualaquiza” to “Los Encuentros” (6-8h by Bus).

GPS coordinates of PermaTree
Latitude -3.753239
Longitude -78.63105

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